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NAFIWC 2021 Session and Workshop Submission

Theme and Goals

The theme for NAFIWC 2021 is "Shaping Forests: Action in a Changing World." 

The goals of the conference are to explore and strengthen important connections between forest entomology and (i) allied scientific disciplines, (ii) the management of forest ecosystems, (iii) the larger social, political, and biophysical environment in which forest entomologists work, and (iv) among generations of forest entomologists during a period of rapid change.

Desired outcomes include clarifying the current state of knowledge and identifying critical issues where future emphasis should be directed. In addressing these goals, we are seeking to develop a broad-based agenda including topics relating to research, development, application, and education and training of the next generation of forest entomology professionals. 

The program committee will consider all proposed plenary and concurrent session topics, select sessions for inclusion in the program, recommend and contact appropriate moderators, and schedule sessions in appropriate time slots.  Selection criteria will include (1) anticipated impact, timeliness, and relevance of the topic and accompanying outline; and (2) balance across topics from regional, conceptual, taxonomic, and basic vs. applied perspectives, and (3) diversity and inclusion of proposed participants.  

We anticipate finalizing program selections by 1 July 2020.

Submission Instructions

Proposals for workshops and symposia should be submitted no later than June 15, 2020.

Submissions should include: 

  • Title
  • Abstract (100 word limit) describing the session topic and its relevance to forest entomology and the conference theme.  
  • Proposed time structure (e.g. 2-hour plenary session, 1-1/2-hour breakout session, 2-hour workshop); program organizers may change time structure to fit the availability and needs of the conference.  
  • Proposed workshops could constitute a single breakout session or two successive breakout sessions.
  • Tentative list of speakers and titles (speaker confirmation not required at this time).
  • We recognize the high level of interest in this important meeting and hope to include as many topics, moderators, and speakers as possible.  At the same time, slots for concurrent sessions are limited and we are seeking to develop a program of the highest quality, relevance and appeal.

Submit all session and workshop proposals (by 15 June 2020), and other agenda suggestions to:

Kier Klepzig, NAFIWC Program Chair, kier.klepzig@jonesctr.org; (229) 734-4706