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On-Campus Student Recruitment in the Context of Design and Construction
Ben Farrow

Effective student recruitment in the context of today’s higher education market is critical for success. How millennial students are attracted to a particular university and major is much debated among academics in design and construction. This exploratory study considers the experiences of one student recruiter in the areas of design and construction at a major university over the 2016−17 academic year: 767 student interactions with the recruiter were analyzed, and results were summarized to consider which approaches yielded the strongest responses. Five specific types of interactions with perspective students were studied: campus visits, on-campus events hosted by the college, off-campus events hosted by the college, university-hosted events on campus, university-hosted receptions off campus, and college summer camps. Results indicated the importance of the on-campus visit combined with a specific on-campus experience focused on the degree program. The study also shows some of the challenges associated with funding a recruitment strategy to reach a broader audience. Further study is needed to analyze student thoughts and responses to the recruitment strategies outlined.

Best Practices for Attracting and Retaining Female Construction Project Managers
Khaled Siddiqi

The objective of this study was to determine best practices for attracting and retaining female construction project managers. It was hypothesized that female construction project managers desire different benefits and employer characteristics than male construction project managers. Georgia-based contractors participated in a survey. Results showed that retaining and attracting quality individuals was their primary challenge. Male and female construction project managers were surveyed about the qualities they desire from their career and employer. One conclusion drawn from this study was that diversity, antisexual harassment practices, customized work schedules, inclusion in networking events, and community involvement were the most differing values between female and male construction project managers. The intended audience for this study is contractors interested in attracting or retaining female project managers to add diversity to their teams.