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COVID-19 Update: The University of Minnesota has suspended in-person instruction and will offer online, or alternative, instruction through the end of spring semester 2020. Read the latest CCAPS updates. For the latest information on the University’s response to COVID-19, please see the Safe Campus website.

ASC Program April 20

Here's a summary of the nonsession related activities happening today:

Sigma Lambda Chi Conference Breakfast − 7:30−8:45 a.m.

Networking breaks  8:45 a.m., 10:30 a.m., and 1:30 p.m.

Local Tour: State Capitol − 3:30−5:30 p.m., sponsor by JE Dunn
Local Tour: The Hub − 3:30−5:30 p.m., sponsored by Findorff

Banquet and Awards Ceremony: Stevie Ray Improv  6:30−8:30 p.m.
Nicollet Island Pavillion

Poster Sessions 8:45 a.m.−3:00 p.m.

by Y.D. Kim
Presented during Networking Break #1 8:45 a.m.

by Sherif O. Attallah
Presented during Networking Break #1 8:45 a.m.

by Austin Drabenstot
Presented during Networking Break #1 8:45 a.m.

by Reynolds Herlong
Presented during Networking Break #2 10:30 a.m.

by Ricardo Eiris Pereira
Presented during Networking Break #2 10:30 a.m.

 9−10:30 a.m. Paper Sessions 4

Faculty Leadership

City of Minecraft: Introducing Middle School Students to the Construction Industry Through Gaming by Katie Loughmiller
Work-Life Balance Perceptions of Construction Management and Civil and Environmental Engineering Students by Duygu Kalan
Degree Apprenticeships: Disruption or Business as Usual by Andrew Ross

Barriers to Net Zero Housing in the US by Lala Faiza
Mahdi Design and Implementation of a Virtual Lab in an Engineering Laboratory Course by Yupeng Luo
Mixed Methods in Built Environment Research by Julia Day

Spatial Ability and Academic Performance Correlations in Construction Surveying by Kenneth Williamson III
Earthcraft homes costs more than Conventional homes by Gunjan Garg
Analysis of Green Housing in Non-Profit Organizations in Indiana by Sandeep Langar

Service Learning Project (SLP) Implementation and Assessment in the Construction Management Programs—A Case Study by Svetlana Olbina
Challenges in Developing Teaching Effectiveness and Scholarship Through Service Learning Projects by Qian Chen
Fostering Transformative Experiences for Construction Students: Gamifying a Surveying Course by Matthew Reyes

Perception of the AC Exam by Pass or Fail Status by Joseph Burgett
Teaching Construction Estimating through a Simulated Bid Competition in Canada by Christopher Willis
Construction History across a Transformed Construction Management Curriculum by Jamie Metzinger

Real-Time Simulation Training with Construction Management Students: A Case Study of an Overseas Partnership by Brad Benhart
Student Experiences with Virtual Design and Construction Applications for Quantity Takeoff: A Case Study by Jon Elliott
Analyzing the Restoration of the Oklahoma State Capitol from the Perspective of the Design Build Process: A Descriptive Case Study by Lloyd Scott

 10:45−Noon Paper Sessions 5

Education Comm

Summer Camp’s Impact on High School Students’ Perceptions of Construction Management: A Case Study by April Simons
Work Values of Millennial Construction Management Students by James Smith
Relationship of Construction Engineering and Management Student Performance with Personality Traits: HEXACO and Emotional Intelligence by Amirali Shalwani

Study Abroad to Promote Design and Construction Collaboration by Mark Shaurette
Students' Perceived Knowledge Acquired During Construction Management Internships by Philip Warren Plugge
Student Perceptions and Initial Response to using Virtual Reality for Construction Education by Jason Lucas

Analysis of the AIC Associate Constructor Practice Exam for Cognitive Domain and ACCE Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Inclusion by Thomas Leathem
Teaching Vegetative Roofing Systems: An Industry and Academic Collaboration by Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez
Site Visit Application in Construction Education: A Descriptive Study of Students’ Perspectives by Ricardo Eiris Pereira

Construction Management Curriculum Transformation Through Project-Based Learning: Part 2 of a Progressive Case Study by Jamie Metzinger
Leveraging Mobile Applications to Promote ACCE Student Learning Outcomes by Wesley Collins
Collaborative Learning Methods in Construction Management Education by Jake Smithwick

Interdisciplinary Education in an Integrated Project Delivery Studio: Designing and Building Prefabricated Components by Gregory Starzyk
Improving Student Learning Outcomes in the Construction Surveying Course by Joel Ochieng Wao
Students’ Perceptions of the Features of Studio-Based Construction Education by Saeed Rokooei

Standard-based Data Interoperability of Building Information Model in Cloud by Kereshmeh Afsari
Applied Laser Scanning for the Construction Classroom: Instructional Design and Best Practices by Aaron Sauer
Applications of Collaborative Industrial Robots in Building Construction by Kereshmeh Afsari

Learning Through Successful Digital Opportunities for Effective Competition Preparations: Reflections of Students and Coaches by Lloyd Scott
Residential Construction Energy Code Compliance in Nebraska by Aaron Thompson

Lunch, Awards, and Keynote

Lunch and awards − Noon−12:45 p.m.
Best Paper, Best Poster, ASC Outstanding Researcher, ASC Outstanding Educator

Keynote 3: Construct*ium Collaboration − 12:45−1:30 p.m.
Greg Johnson; Sponsored by Ryan Companies

1:45−3 p.m. Curriculum Sessions 

Moderator: Joseph Burgett, Eastern Kentucky University

Moderators: Mohammed Mehany, Colorado State University, and John Buttelwerth, John Wyatt Publishing.

Moderator: Ben Bigelow, University of Oklahoma

Moderator: Tom Leatham, Auburn University

Moderator: Charlie Zhang, Eastern Kentucky University