Opening your site in Canvas is very easy. Canvas calls making any content available Publishing. This includes the entirety of your course site as well. This tutorial will go over how to publish your Canvas course site along with considerations.

Publishing Your Site

When you get to your course site, go to the top right corner. You will see two buttons, a red Unpublished button and a grey Publish button. At this point, your course is not available to students.

To publish the course page click on the grey Publish button. 

On the top right of your Canvas course's home page, click on the "Publish" button on the top right to publish your course site.


Once you have clicked on the Publish button it will turn green and say Published. Your course is now available to students.

Once you have clicked on Publish, the button will turn green and will now say "Published". Your site is now available to students.


Unpublishing Your Site

Did you publish your course by mistake? You can click on the Unpublish button if you want to hide your course again. 

Once Students Interact with the Site, It’s Published Permanently

Once students start interacting with features on the site like posting to discussions or submitting assignments, the site is forced to stay published until the end of the term date.

Publishing a Single Page or Assignment

If you are working on components of the course site like a new page, assignment, or discussion check out our tutorial Publishing Content, URLs and Modules on how to publish/unpublish content in your course site.

If after the semester students needs access to the course, reach out to us through the CCAPS-ATD Service Request form.