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Leman Main Program Sept 21–22

Welcome to the Main Conference Program Page!

This page contains the programs for Monday, September 21 and Tuesday, September 22. You can link to the preconference program from the navigation section below. All presentation times are central daylight time.

Monday Keynotes 8:30 a.m.–2:15 p.m. 

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Chair Time Keynote/Speaker
John Deen, University of Minnesota 8:30-9:30 Where have we been and where should we go?
Mark Greenwood, Compeer Financial
John Deen, University of Minnesota 9:30-10:30 Price discovery in the hog market
Bill Kaelin, McVean Trading and Investments, LLC
  10:30 Presentation of the Allen D. Leman Science in Practice Award to Dr. Clayton Johnson
Cesar Corzo, University of Minnesota 11:00-11:45 The swine producer's and veterinarian's response to COVID-19 (Pijoan Lectureship)
Paul Yeske, Swine Vet Center
Cesar Corzo, University of Minnesota 11:45-12:30 2020: The lessons we need to learn
Dave Preisler, Minnesota Pork Board
  12:30-1:30 Break
Jerry Torrison, University of Minnesota 1:30-2:15 Emerging coronaviruses of humans and animals: Origin, interspecies transmission and vaccine strategies
Linda Saif, The Ohio State University

Monday 1:30–3:00 p.m.

Session Presentations


Chair: Andreia Arruda, Ohio State University



1:30 - Understanding PRRSv diversity at the pig and litter levels using whole-genome sequencing
Mariana Kikuti, University of Minnesota

2:00 - PRRSv persistence in breeding herds: Update on recent findings
Marcelo Almeida, Iowa State University

2:30 - AASV PRRSv herd classification changes
Derald Holtkamp, Iowa State University

Don’t waste a good crisis: opportunities in production

Chair: Pedro Urriola, University of Minnesota


1:30 - Cost and productivity analysis in the midst of the COVID shutdown
Mark Schwartz, Schwartz Farms

2:00 - Projecting optimal throughput - what will post-COVID throughput optimization look like?
Jeff Worstell, Tri-Oak

2:30 - Taking advantage of COVID-derived interventions to improve health
Paul Yeske, Swine Vet Center

SARS-CoV-2 and other coronaviruses: Questions and lessons 

Chair: Jerry Torrison, University of Minnesota

1:30 - Emerging coronaviruses of humans and animals: Origin, interspecies transmission and vaccine strategies. 
Linda Saif, The Ohio State University

2:15 - Bovine Coronavirus mechanisms and vaccine considerations
Jeremy Schefers, University of Minnesota

2:45 - Coronavirus significance and implications for swine
Stephanie Rossow, University of Minnesota


Monday 3:30–5:00 p.m.

Session Presentations

Streptococcus suis

Chair: Albert Rovira, University of Minnesota

3:30 - Saying hello to our little friend: Streptococcus suis diagnostics
Matt Sturos, University of Minnesota

4:00 - Streptococcus suis control and recent field experiences
Matt Allerson, Holden Farms

4:30 - Managing S.suis one gene at a time
Maria Jose Clavijo, Iowa State University

Batch farrowing for improved health and productivity

Chair: John Deen, University of Minnesota

3:30 - Batch farrowing models and their impact on health
Clayton Johnson, Carthage Veterinary Services

4:00 - My experience with managing health and production in batch farrowing farms
Joseph Thomas, Iowa State University

4:30 - Feeding program considerations when converting to a batch farrow system
Trey Kellner, AMVC Nutritional Services

Public Health Concerns

Chair: Peter Davies, University of Minnesota

3:30 - Comparing antibiotic use among species: Is there a magic metric?
Randy Singer, University of Minnesota

4:00 - Fecal microbiome-resistome dynamics of PRRSV-challenged pigs under varying antimicrobial drug exposures
Noelle Noyes, University of Minnesota

4:30 - Of pigs and pandemics/Of ferrets and flu
Marie Culhane, University of Minnesota


Zoetis Virtual Leman Science In Practice Celebration

Monday, 5:15–6:15 p.m.

The Zoetis Virtual Science in Practice Reception will honor Dr. Clayton Johnson, from Carthage Veterinary Services. Clayton is the recipient of this year’s A.D Leman Science in Practice Award. Join us for a fun celebration and engage in a vibrant conversation with Clayton about his path to swine medicine and production, key industry learnings and personal tips.

Merck Animal Health Morning Mindset − No Guts, No Glory

Tuesday, 7:00—7:45 a.m.

Just like with animals, our gut can be a source of distress for our overall health. So be sure to tune in Tuesday, 9/22 for "Morning Mindset − No Guts, No Glory" presented by Merck Animal Health. Dr. Auburn E. Ellis will guide you through a series of simple exercises curated specifically to create stress-reducing mindfulness as well as physically easing common gut health issues. You'll leave the session relaxed and focused for the day. And with no equipment required, these techniques are ones you can use over and over again. All inspired by Merck Animal Health's enteric disease solutions.

Tuesday Keynotes 8:30–10:30 a.m.

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Chair Time Keynote/Speaker
Montse Torremorell, University of Minnesota 8:30–9:30  Hanor - Value Added Pork Production (Morrison Lectureship)
Myrl Mortenson, David Wade, and Tara Donovan, Hanor
Montse Torremorell, University of Minnesota 9:30–10:30  The Role of Industry in an Incident Response to a Disease Emergency
Michelle Kromm, Vice President of Animal Health and Welfare of Jennie-O and veterinarian for Hormel Foods
Perle Zhitnitsky, University of Minnesota 10:30 Presentation of the Morrison Swine Innovator Prize


Tuesday 11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Session Presentations

African swine fever

Chair: Clayton Johnson, Carthage Vet Services

11:00 - ASF vaccine update
Doug Gladue, USDA

11:30 - ASF elimination through partial depopulation
Jason Yan, New Hope

12:00- Vaccination and partial depopulation as parallel tools in the fight against ASF
Joe Connor, Carthage Veterinary Services

Technologies for precision pork production

Chair: David Rosero, Hanor

11:00 - Machine learning as a tool for animal health and productivity
Kimberly VanderWaal, University of Minnesota

11:30 - Precision Pork Production: current possibilities and the future opportunities
Tomas Norton, KU Leuven

12:00 - The application and uses of remote measurement technologies
Jim Cairns, Remote Insights

Labor issues

Chair: Montse Torremorell, University of Minnesota 

11:00 - Addressing communication between all players including veterinarians, farm managers and farmers
Ted Matthews, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

11:30 - COVID -19: Managing the CHAOS from the desk of HR
Nicole Paulsen, Pipestone System

12:00 - Experiences and tips for successful on-boarding and training programs
Victor Martinez, Schwartz Farms


Wrap-Up Session

Tuesday, 12:30–1:00 p.m.

Where do we go from here?
Gordon Spronk, Pipestone System and Clayton Johnson, Carthage Veterinary Clinic

ASF and COVID-19 have made 2020 the most disrupted year in global swine production. To reflect what it may mean for the US and global swine industries, Dr. Peter Davies, University of Minnesota, will moderate our closing ‘Hallway Conversation’ with two industry opinion leaders: Dr. Clayton Johnson (2020 Science in Practice awardee) of Carthage Veterinary Services, and Dr. Gordon Spronk (2011 Science in Practice Awardee) of Pipestone System.  We offer a lively discussion about the key take home messages of the conference in the context of what attributes are necessary for success going forward.  

Chair: Peter Davies, University of Minnesota