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ASV Satellite Symposia

Structural Aspects of Virus Evolution: Convergence vs. Divergence


Bentley Fane, University of Arizona

Marilyn Roossinck, Penn State University

Symposia and Speakers

Packaging of ssRNA Viruses Driven by Secondary Structure of Viral RNA
William Gelbart, University of California, Los Angeles

Packaging of dsRNA Virus; ss Pregenome Packaged into Preformed Shells, Followed by dsRNA Synthesis
Minna Poranen, University of Helsinki

Conservation of Function, but Not Always Structure in dsDNA Viral Capsids
Carol Teschke, University of Connecticut

Receptor Interactions Involved in Host Species Jumping
Susan Hafenstein, Penn State University

Exchange Between Viral Class II Fusion Proteins and Eukaryotic Cells During Viral Evolution
Felix Rey, Institut Pasteur

Evolution of TRIM5 Proteins and What They Can Tell Us about Lentivirus-primate Evolution
Welkin Johnson, Boston College

Bacteriophage-induced Chromosomal Islands—The Pirates of the Caudovirales
Terje Dokland, University of Alabama at Birmingham

DNA and RNA Editing in Virus Evolution


Allison Land, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Reuben Harris, University of Minnesota


The Role of APOBEC in RNA Virus Diversity
Raul Andino, University of California, San Francisco

Polyomaviruses Versus APOBEC3: A case of molecular judo?
Christopher Buck, National Cancer Institute

Viruses Thrive Under the ADAR: How an RNA editing enzyme can be pro-viral
Roberto Cattaneo, Mayo Clinic

For Better or Worse: Mechanisms of HIV-1 restriction by the APOBEC3 deoxycytidine deaminases
Linda Chelico, University of Saskatchewan

DNA Editing by APOBEC Enzymes in Human Herpesvirus Evolution
Reuben Harris, University of Minnesota

Repurposing Viral Defense Enzymes for Genome Editing
Alexis Komor, University of California, San Diego

MicroRNA Regulation of the Antiviral APOBEC3 Enzymes: Micromanagers or master regulators?
Allison Land, Minnesota State University Mankato

TRIMming the Antiviral Response: The role of ubiquitination in translational inhibition by ZAP
Melody Li, University of California, Los Angeles

Computational Approaches to Herpesvirus Evolution Under the Effect of AID/APOBEC
Thomas MacCarthy, Stony Brook University

The Coevolution of Transposable Elements and APOBEC3s
Rick McLaughlin, Pacific Northwest Research Institute

RNA Editing in Viral Pathogenesis: Horse and buggy problem
Helen Piontkivska, Kent State University

Howard Temin’s Legacy: Innovations in Virology


Louis Mansky, University of Minnesota

Wei-Shau Hu, National Cancer Institute


From Transforming Cells to Transforming Ideas
Bill Sugden, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Why Can't We Cure HIV Infection? 
John Coffin, Tufts University

Human T-cell Leukemia Virus Gene Encoded on the Antisense Genome Strand: Role in Pathogenesis 
Patrick Green, Ohio State

Advances in Viral Whole Genome Sequencing: Clinical and Public Health Applications
Jean Lutamyo Mbisa, National Infection Services

Assembly of HIV-1 Particles and Incorporation of Host Transmembrane Proteins at the Plasma Membrane
Akira Ono, University of Michigan

Why Do Retroviruses Package Two Copies of the RNA Genome?
Jonathan Rawson, NIH/NCI

Nucleobase-induced Mutagenesis as a Potential Anti-Dengue Virus Strategy
Robert Geraghty, University of Minnesota

HIV Restriction by SAMHD1
Kate Bishop, Crick Institute

Engagement of the Host DNA Damage Response by Primate Lentiviruses
Oliver Fregoso, UCLA

Primate Lentiviruses Have Evolved to Exploit Interactions with the Cyp Domain of Host Nuclear Porin Nup358
Brigitte Lawhorn, Boston College

Determinants of Chimeric SIV/HIV Replication in Macaque Lymphocytes
Amit Sharma, Ohio State

Listening to My Intuition and Other Lessons Learned from Howard Temin 
Sandra Weller, University of Connecticut

Autophagy & Viruses


Seungmin Hwang, University of Chicago

Glenn Randall, University of Chicago


Autophagy and Antiviral Defense
Sara Cherry, University of Pennsylvania

Autophagy in Placental Antimicrobial Defenses
Carolyn Coyne, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Molecular Mechanisms of TRIM-mediated Autophagy During Viral Infection
Michaela Gack, University of Chicago

Targeting Interferon-inducible GTPases to Viral Replication Compartment by Autophagy Proteins
Seungmin “Sam” Hwang, University of Chicago

Enteroviruses Rewire Autophagic Signaling and Trafficking to Promote Infectious Virus Production and Cell Exit
William Jackson, University of Maryland

SFTS Virus-mediated Regulation of Autophagy
Jae Jung, University of Southern California

Endosomal Proteins in Virus-induced Autophagy and Antiviral Immunity
Beth Levine, University of Texas Southwestern

Hepatitis C Virus and Autophagic Response
J-H James Ou, University of Southern California

Role of Autophagy Genes in Infection and Inflammation
Herbert “Skip” Virgin, Washington University in St. Louis

Title TBA
Glen Randall, University of Chicago

Careers in Academia


Geoff Holm, Colgate University

Christopher Stobart, Butler University


What to Expect When You Apply – An Applicant’s Prospective
Brianne Barker, Drew University

Embracing the Connections of Virology to Teach Other Fields of Science
Chris Stobart, Butler University

Teaching in a Small Liberal Arts College (SLAC)
Clint Smith, University of the South

Teaching in a Competitive Science-focused High School
Crystal Randall, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Where to Apply and When You Are Ready to Do It
Daniel Nichols, Seton Hall University

Finding Teaching Opportunities for Grad Students and Postdocs
Eric Lazear, North Carolina State University

Applying for an NIH R15 Award for Research Funding
Geoff Holm, Colgate University

Navigating an Teaching Academic Position Interview – A Search Committee’s Prospective
Marie Pizzorno, Bucknell University

Teaching Virology
Maureen Ferran, Rochester Institute of Technology

Building a Strong Application for Teaching Academia Positions
Sarah Connolly, DePaul University

How Being a Virologist Can Make You an Attractive Educator
Troy Cline, California State University Chico

Overview to Teaching Academia Positions
David Kushner, Dickinson College

How Research Applications from Teaching Academics are Reviewed and Scored
Rollie Clem, Kansas State University