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Record your Zoom Meeting and Upload to Your Canvas Course

If you plan to record your Zoom class sessions, follow this tutorial to learn how to set your Zoom recording settings, how to record your Zoom class session properly, and ultimately how to upload your Zoom recording to your Canvas course site using Kaltura.

Step 1:

Let's begin. Before you schedule your Zoom class meeting, go to your Zoom settings and change your Zoom recording settings.

  • Go to https://umn.zoom.us and login.
  • Click on Settings in the left navigation menu.


Zoom Settings


Click on the Recording tab. In the Recording settings, Under Cloud Recording, select Record active speaker with shared screen. Make sure to hit Save.


Zoom Recording Settings


When you record to the cloud in Zoom, your video will include the video thumbnail and the shared screen together. 

Step 2: Zoom Recording Setup

Schedule your Zoom meeting with your class using the Zoom integration in your Canvas course site.

  • While you're in your Zoom class meeting, the first thing you should do before you start to record is to ask your students if it's alright to record the Zoom class meeting. If there are some students that don't want to be on video, turn on the Spotlight video feature to ensure that your video will be the only one in the recording. 
  • To set Spotlight video on your video thumbnail, click on the ... button on your video thumbnail and select Spotlight for Everyone.


Spotlight for Everyone


  • Next, click on the option to Record. Select Record to the Cloud.


Record to the Cloud


  • Now you can share your presentation and deliver your presentation. When you're done recording, click on the stop button.


Stop Recording


  • Once you stop the recording, you will see a pop-up window show up. Click on the Stop Recording button.


Stop Cloud Recording


  • After a short while you will receive an email with a link to your recording. Click on the link to your Zoom recording. 


Zoom Recording Link


  • Next, use your mouse to roll over the Shared screen with speaker view and click on the download button to download your Zoom recording.
Download Zoom Recording


In the next step, we will take the Zoom recording and add it to our Canvas course.

Step 3: Upload your Zoom Recording to Kaltura

  • In your course left navigation menu, select Modules. Find the module where you want to add your video. Click on the + button on the top-right of the module.


Module Plus


  •  In the dropdown menu, select Page (see image below). Select [New Page], add a title to your new page. Finally, click on the Add Item button to create the page.
Add Canvas Page


  • Click on the new page that you just created.
Select your New Page
  •  In your new page, click on the Edit button. 
  • Next, select the Kaltura button (see image below).
Select Kaltura


  • In the window that opens up, click on the Upload Media button.
Kaltura Upload Media


  • Click on the Choose a file to upload and locate your Zoom video. Upload your Zoom video.
Choose a file to upload


  • Edit the title of your video and then select the Save and Embed button.
Save and Embed
  • You should see that your video embeds to the page. Next, select the Save & Publish button.
Save and Publish
  •  Before you leave your course, go back to the module where you added the page with your video. Select the left side of the item and drag it up past the Help &. Resources For Instructors section of the module.
Drag Video up