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Bob Stine

Bob Stine photo
Interim Dean

Bob Stine was named Interim Dean of the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) in June 2018. He served as Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Programs in the college for 11 years prior to becoming Interim Dean. His academic training was in forest genetics and organizational management. Arriving at the University of Minnesota in the 1980s, Bob led the Minnesota Tree Improvement Cooperative, was Coordinator of the Cloquet Forestry Center, and was an Associate Dean in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences prior to joining CCAPS.
Bob’s research focused on genetically improving growth rates and disease resistance in Minnesota’s major conifer species (pines and spruces). He worked with more than 25 large forestland owners to improve productivity and environmental health on Minnesota’s 17 million acres of forested land.

Since joining CCAPS Bob has been active in the University Professional and Continuing Education Association and currently serves on the national Board of Directors. He represents the University on the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Board, a program of the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).


PhD, Forestry – University of Minnesota
Master of Science, Forest Genetics – Oregon State University
Bachelor of Arts, Plant Sciences – Indiana University