With your support, College in the Schools delivers rigorous University courses that strengthen your academic departments and prepare your students for college.

  • Your students will experience the rigor of a U of M course at your high school.
  • Your teachers will develop greater expertise in their fields and grow professionally.
  • Your school will attract and retain outstanding students by offering the academic challenges they want.
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Fees and Costs

Schools or districts pay $145 per student, per course (not per credit). Additional expenses include the cost of textbooks, supplies, and equipment (in most courses, textbooks are replaced infrequently), providing substitute teachers for days when CIS teachers attend workshops and on-campus student field days, and transportation for students to those field days.

The CIS fee has remained $145 since 2009.

State Aid Is Available

Minnesota Statute 124D.091 authorizes the state to reimburse high schools for costs of offering concurrent enrollment courses. To be eligible for this aid, high schools must partner with concurrent enrollment programs that are accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP), be in the process of becoming accredited, or demonstrate that they've met standards comparable to NACEP standards. College in the Schools has been accredited since 2005.

The legislature must allocate funds each biennium to implement §124D.091. Demand has always exceeded the allocation; consequently, the amount high schools have received in the past has been prorated.

Contact Jeanne Krile, School Finance, at the Minnesota Department of Education for more information: 651-582-8637, Jeanne.Krile@state.mn.us.

School/District Role

In your role as a College in the Schools host, your support will include:

  • Paying the fees and other costs associated with offering a U of M course through CIS; providing required textbooks and course materials
  • Following CIS and U of M policies related to class size, student eligibility, etc.
  • Working with the CIS office to accommodate teacher absences, including finding qualified substitutes and affording release days for professional development
  • Providing transportation for students and teachers to field days
  • Working with the CIS office to improve the program

For more details:

CIS Office Role

The College in the Schools staff is dedicated to providing a high quality experience for students and instructors and to nurturing partnerships between high schools and the U of M. Responsibilities of the CIS office include:

  • Administering the program and setting policies
  • Providing CIS students and teachers with access to University resources
  • Helping U of M faculty select and prepare CIS teachers
  • Assisting with planning and logistics of professional development activities and field days
  • Evaluating student outcomes
  • Communicating with all stakeholders
  • Managing billing and budgets
  • Ensuring that CIS meets the accreditation standards of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP)

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