Contract Training

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Bring Our Courses to Your Organization

We can bring the expertise of the U of M directly to your workplace with over 90 individual professional development courses and 15 certificate options for you, whether in-person or virtually, via Zoom. 

"Each training exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, performance, and experience of the trainers who work with adult learners."
— Contract Training Client

Our instructors are active experts in their fields and work within a wide range of industries. Our typical contract clients range from Fortune 500 organizations to small-to-midsize businesses as well as various non-profit and governmental agencies, including city, county, and state governments.

In fact, on-site training can be more cost-effective than sending the comparable number of employees to classes that are open to the public.

Please contact us to learn more. We’d be happy to discuss options with you and answer any questions you may have.

Contract Testimonials

“Each training exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, performance, and experience of the trainers who work with adult learners. Not only was the content presented well, but the trainers knew how to engage difficult and hard-to-reach employees. I hope to always use CCAPS for our future trainings. Plus, I really appreciated the level of customer service you provide in addition to the other amenities. It really felt like an added luxury.”

“I attended the College of Continuing and Professional Studies professional development program 'Negotiating for Agreement.' I absolutely loved the course and learned significantly more than what I was anticipating. I thoroughly enjoyed the instructor, the content, and was able to establish connections with the other attendees. I will most certainly be recommending courses through your continuing education program at the University of Minnesota for all of our employee developmental needs.”

“This situation is showing us that we need to adapt to the changes and bring our workforce up to speed while helping them feel a sense of engagement and belonging. It’s a great time to invest in employee development. The Project Management Certificate cohort we just completed contributed so much to employees feeling engaged and cared for. It’s much easier to organize cohorts than you think it is—the CCAPS team makes it so easy! ”

Client Manager

Molly Hahne