Public Works Operations and Maintenance

Course Number: APWA X003

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This course relates to the delivery of services that improve the quality of life within our communities. Public Works operations are a critical provider of the public services that affect the health, safety, enjoyment, and prosperity of our residents. We generally do this by providing services relating to water/sewer, streets, parks/facilities, and the environment. The course identifies the equipment and personnel resources needed to carry out these functions in an effective and efficient way. Discussions will include factors that should be considered when making choices relating to: preventative vs. reconstruction of infrastructure, rent vs. purchasing of equipment, and contracting vs. in-house use of personnel to provide services.

Instructor: Beverly A.B. Farraher, Public Works Operations Manager, City of Saint Paul

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Farraher has been a Registered Professional Engineer for over 30 years, holds a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer certification, and is a commercial motor vehicle license holder. She has 33 years of experience delivering public works services within the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the City of Saint Paul, with over 19 years as a public works maintenance and operations manager. She holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in infrastructure systems engineering.