Strategic Planning and Measurement

Course Number: CERT X165

Strategic Planning and Measurement hero image

Focusing on strategy means shifting your focus from day-to-day business and looking toward—and creating—future success.

This course will teach you how strategy is created and, more importantly, how to successfully execute strategy. You’ll learn what it means to think and act strategically, and how to align your work and the work of your team with strategic goals. We’ll also explore how measurement drives results and how to measure the right things. You'll also learn the skills to scan your external environment to discern trends and understand how to create effective competitive responses.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • understand strategic planning from the organizational, as well as from a functional/departmental and individual perspective.
  • use proven planning processes and tools to create viable strategies and goals.
  • develop appropriate measurement frameworks and employ measures that drive results.
  • translate strategies and goals into highly-focused plans and programs.
  • align individual and team efforts with strategies and goals.