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MM 4193

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You’ve learned a lot so far in the Manufacturing Operations Management program. Now it’s time to use all that hard-earned knowledge as you embark on your capstone project. A culminating experience of all the skills and concepts you’re familiar with, the capstone is an opportunity for students to identify a specific problem, question, or course of study pertaining to manufacturing operations—this will be their primary focus over the length of the course.

Working with their capstone advisor, students ensure that their projects will require 135 hours or more of research and work. Students will then generate data and use appropriate models to create comprehensive reports and solutions to the project they’ve chosen, and they will present their findings at the end of the semester. The capstone course is a great option for students who are already employed full-time and wish to select a project that’s somehow connected to their employment. The capstone is available to students who have completed 45 or more semester credits.