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Graduate Courses for Nondegree Students

You can take any of the following graduate-level courses if you are not enrolled in a degree program at the U of M.

Applied Professional Studies

  • APS 6312 Finance for Nonfinancial Managers (3 credits)
  • APS 6312 Data for Decision Making (3 credits)
  • APS 6314 Leading Projects and Teams (3 credits)
  • APS 6315 Legal and Ethical Issues in Business Sciences (3 credits)
  • APS 6316 Transformational Leadership in an Intercultural World (3 credits)

Arts and Cultural Leadership

  • ACL 5201 Trends and Impacts in Arts and Cultural Leadership and Management (3 credits)
  • ACL 5221 Creative Entrepreneurship and Resource Development (3 credits)
  • ACL 5231 Ethical Dilemmas and Legal Issues for Cultural Leaders (3 credits)
  • ACL 5241 Financial Management for Arts Nonprofits, Community Organizations, and Artists (3 credits)
  • ACL 5251 Courageous Imagination in Action: Art and Culture as Forces and Resources of Change (3 credits)
  • ACL 5261 Culture, Place, and Equitable Communities: Ways of Living Together in the 21st Century (3 credits)
  • ACL 6001 A Multiplicity of Ways: Epistemologies in the 21st Century (1 credit)
  • ACL 6201 Reimagining Cultural Leadership (3 credits)

Civic Engagement

  • APS 6311 Facilitating Community-Driven Leadership (3 credits)


  • APS 5101 Ecological Design for Horticulture (3 credits)
  • APS 5102 Garden Design: Theory and Application (2 credits)

Human Sexuality

  • HSEX 6001 Foundations of Human Sexuality (3 credits)
  • HSEX 6011 Policy in Human Sexuality: Cutting Edge Analyses (3 credits)
  • HSEX 6012 Sexual Function and Dysfunction (3 credits)
  • HSEX 6013 Perspectives and Practices in Sexual Health Education (3 credits)
  • HSEX 6014 Introduction to Health Care for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Adults (3 credits)

Mental Health Counseling

  • ADDS 5011 Foundations in Addiction Studies (2 credits)
  • ADDS 5021 Introduction to Evidence-Based Practices and the Helping Relationship (3 credits)
  • ADDS 5071 Foundations of Co-occurring Disorders (2 credits)
  • ADDS 5081 Multicultural Foundations of Behavioral Health (3 credits)
  • IBH 6101 Family Dynamics and Therapy (3 credits)
  • IBH 6227 Supervision Models and Methods in Integrated Behavioral Health (3 credits)


  • APS 6003 Perspectives in Integrated Applied Sciences (3 credits)
  • BIOC 6021-090 Biochemistry (3 credits)
  • MBS 6101 Scientific Literature Workshop (1 credit)

How to Register

If you need to earn credit for grad classes before you are admitted to a graduate degree program, or you would like to take graduate classes for career, professional, or personal enrichment, follow the steps for registration on the One Stop website.

Graduate tuition rates will apply for all credits taken this term. Full details at OneStop.

If you are an international student who needs to satisfy VISA requirements, apply directly to the Graduate School.