ABUS 4502

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Diversity exists in most organizations and is often sought after, but may not contribute significantly to organizational success until leaders learn the real meaning of diversity and how to unleash its potential through inclusive practices. This course is all about self-exploration to become familiar with such things as unconscious biases, perceptions, and habits—whatever stands in the way of inclusive leadership. This is accomplished through weekly self-reflections, a self-test, small-group work to model inclusive leadership, and an opportunity to interview a chosen HR leader about his or her inclusiveness practices. You will gain the ability to strategically plan for creating dynamic workplace inclusivity, including techniques for actively engaging business leaders.


Ralf Schirg
Ralf Schirg

MA, management and psychology, Saint Mary’s College, Minneapolis; BA, political science and psychology, Hamline University

Ralf Schirg, a German native, is founder and president of Serenity Consulting, specializing in leadership development and cross-cultural consulting for leaders and employees. He has supported change initiatives, visioning, and human dimension-focused issues. Ralf also works as an executive coach. In the past ten years his focus has been DEI leadership and high-performing teams, and mental health in the workplace. He has worked with both Fortune 100 companies and small businesses in over 35 countries. Clients include Cargill, 3M, General Mills, EY, Honeywell, J&J, Medtronic, Zeiss, Merck, Bausch & Lomb, HP, L’Oreal, BP Amoco, Polaris, ADC, and NFL Europe.

  • ABUS 4502 − Inclusive Business Leadership: Advancing Diversity
  • ABUS 4518 − Leadership and Innovative Decision Making in Applied Business

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