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Leadership and Management for the Professional Practice

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ABUS 4705

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About This Course

This course is an introduction to organizational behavior for students and professionals interested in leading or managing a professional practice. The purpose of the course is to improve your effectiveness as a leader or manager through an understanding of the sociological, economic, and political factors that affect organizations. The course will progress from an introspective look at leadership and your own personal preferences and style to interactions with others in groups or teams, to the structure and dynamics of organizations and how they respond to external factors.

Sample course topics: personalities, values, compensation, incentives, diversity, managing change, organizational structure, negotiation


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David Lee

BS, animal science; DVM; MBA, organizational behavior and finance, Cornell University

Dr. David Lee is hospital director of the Veterinary Medical Center at the University of Minnesota. After receiving his DVM, he was in private practice in Portland, Maine, for a few years before returning to Cornell as an instructor in the College of Veterinary Medicine and assistant director of its Clinical Endocrinology Laboratory. He obtained an MBA, then served as executive director for strategic planning and business development and later head of marketing and external affairs for Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. David has also been hospital director for the Veterinary Medical Center at Colorado State University.  

  • ABUS 4705 − Leadership and Management for the Professional Practice
  • ABUS 4707 – Financial Management for the Professional Practice