HSM 4588

About This Course

This course integrates competencies, knowledge and skills from three interrelated areas to help you more effectively use information to support evidence-based management decision making in long term care. These areas include: 1) problem-solving skills, 2) quality management and quality improvement practices, and 3) data analytics.

The format of the course includes the following components: pre-class readings, online pre-class discussion, face-to-face one-day seminar, one-day comprehensive Excel homework assignment, and homework assignments.

Sample textbook: Bradley, Maryjane G., and Nancy R. Thompson, Quality Management Integration in Long-Term Care-Guidelines for Excellence. Health Professions Press, 2000 (abbreviated QMI).

Information Subject to Change

Course details, syllabus, and instructor are subject to change. Current course details can be found by clicking on the Term link(s) above.