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Music and Movies: The Use and Representation of Music and Musicians in Film in a Global Context

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MUS 1015W

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This course introduces students to the role of music in film. By watching and analyzing films of different genres, students learn both how music contributes to the art of filmmaking and how music and musicians are portrayed onscreen. We will focus on the critical film review as our primary mode of inquiry into film analysis. Each film will be accompanied by a written response in the form of either Weekday or Sunday Reviews. These reviews walk you through the challenging process of examining a film of a specific genre through its music; through your written responses, you will analyze how the music affects the audience’s engagement with the piece as a whole. You will discuss how music enhances story, characterization, visual effect, and immersion. Finally, you will engage with a classmate to revise your final review for this class, working through a guided peer-editing process to build a better, stronger critical film review.

Sample movies: Psycho, West Side Story, Amadeus, The Doors, Tampopo, and The Wizard of Oz.