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Nature of Disease: Pathology for Allied Health Students

microscopic cells and tissues

LAMP 4177

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About This Course

In this course we follow the traditional teaching of pathology currently used for most health science students. We begin with topics in general pathology, and then go on to topics on organ-specific pathology. This content has been offered for many years to students in various health science programs as a part of or prerequisite for their programs: nursing, public health, medical laboratory science, pharmacy, occupational therapy, food science and nutrition, and physical therapy.

Sample course topics; Pathology, inflammation, red blood cell pathology, white blood cell disorders, immune response disorders, transfusion medicine, bleeding disorders, infections, and reproductive systems. 

Sample textbook: Beer, Mark H., Robert S. Porter, and Thomas V. Jones. The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, 19th edition (2018).