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Principles of Macroeconomics

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ECON 1102

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About This Course

ECON 1102 is an introductory course in macroeconomics. It acquaints students with the basic tools in macroeconomics, including opportunity cost, debt, inflation, unemployment, the role of central banks, saving and investment, budget and trade deficits/surpluses, GDP, exchange rates, and fiscal and monetary policies.

Basic macroeconomic tools and concepts are essential in understanding the economic way of thinking in a world with country interdependencies, multinational firms, and an increasingly open global economy. The concepts offer important insights into a variety of social, economic, and country interactions. The course attempts to emphasize that economic problems can be viewed from many angles and can be remedied in different ways, depending on the existing conditions and the underlying philosophy.

Sample textbook: Macroeconomics - Theory through Application