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Rock I: The Historical Origins and Development of Rock Music to 1970

 image collage of the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix

MUS 1013

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About This Course

This course introduces students to the roots and early history of rock music, mostly as an art form, but also as an important social force. Through reading, listening, researching, and writing about one of the most important media of artistic expression of all time, students learn to think critically and articulate their views in a well-ordered, concise, and compelling manner. As with all music, the more you know about the subtleties and varieties of rock, the more you can appreciate it.

My primary goal here is to get you to love the music—or love it even more—when you better appreciate its complexities. Rock may not have as many actual layers (e.g., orchestral parts) as classical music (to which it is sometimes compared unfavorably). However, musical complexity is often less about compositional layers than it is about emotional, social, historical, and cultural richness. We'll be exploring this richness first and foremost through the music itself.

Sample textbook: Campbell, Michael, and James Brody. Rock and Roll: An Introduction (3rd ed.).