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The Science of Sourcing: Partnerships for Success

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MM 4039

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Learn how to maneuver with ease inside the complex network of global manufacturing and outsourcing. Manufacturing Outsourcing Decisions is all about setting up a sourcing strategy that hinges on two things: core competencies of your business and, of course, customer satisfaction. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to do three things really well: 1) identify which products or processes should be outsourced, 2) perform estimates for cost and comparison of outsourcing options, and finally, 3) execute step-by-step outsourcing as you choose suppliers. You’ll also be exposed to the art of managing an outsourced manufacturer relationship, which includes contracts and performance metrics. At the end of the day, it’s all about upholding quality and value, and you’ll learn how to hold these two things very well.

Sample textbook: Logistics and Manufacturing Outsourcing: Harness Your Core Competencies, James A. Tompkins, Steven W. Siminson, Bruce W. Tompkins, Brian E. Upchurch.


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Jack Sandahl

M.B.A., manufacturing systems, University of St. Thomas; B.S., business finance, University of Minnesota

Jack Sandahl has over 25 years of manufacturing operations experience in the medical device industry, including production planning, manufacturing team leadership, contract manufacturing, purchasing, and global supplier management. He has managed complex high technology component supply chains in 15 countries in environments with demanding quality, reliability, regulatory, and cost objectives. He is currently a Fellow in a supplier and materials management role at Boston Scientific and is engaged in make/buy decisions.

  • MM 4039 - The Science of Sourcing: Partnerships for Success