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Studies in 20th-Century Europe From the Turn of the Century to the End of World War II: 1900-45

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HIST 3721

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About This Course

As historian Gordon Martel has argued, “Few periods in history were as dramatic, as important, as painful, and as heartbreaking as this half-century.” Europe looked very different in 1945 than it had in 1900, having undergone a period of incredible social, political, cultural, and economic upheaval. In this course, we will explore the European peoples' experience of these events as they encountered change on unprecedented global and national scales, including war, revolution, the Great Depression, totalitarian regimes, and the Holocaust. Concentrating on the themes of authority and rebellion, this class serves as an introduction to the history of Europe from 1900 to 1945.

My primary goal for this class is to teach you to be historians and to encourage you to think critically about history, how it is constructed, and how to critically interpret a wide variety of sources. By the end of this class, I hope you will be able to interrogate evidence, and the world in which you live, as historians.

Sample textbook: Robert O. Paxton and Julie Hessler, Europe in the Twentieth Century 5th ed. (Boston: Wadsworth, 2012)