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The Sustainable Lawn

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HORT 1061

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About This Course

Although the impact of an individual homeowner may be small, the effect of millions of acres of home lawns can be significant. This course will focus on sustainable turfgrass management for the home lawn.

The course content will focus on environmentally responsible turfgrass management. The course will begin with an overview of basic horticultural principles and then focus on turfgrass-specific topics. Audio programs will provide information you'll need to complete laboratory, essay, and forum assignments of the course. You will learn how to identify common turfgrasses and then how to properly manage a home lawn in a sustainable way.

The course will be presented entirely online and make extensive use of online discussion forums, wikis, and an interactive Flash tool. You will discuss important topics of turfgrass science, such as fertilizer runoff, pesticide use, and genetically modified turf. This course will also equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain quality turf areas with reduced inputs, thereby reducing potential risk to the environment.

Sample textbook: Bormann, F.H., D. Balmori, and G.T. Geballe. 2001. Redesigning the American lawn: A search for environmental harmony. 2nd ed.