Your Path, Your Career

Coffey Hall, St. Paul campus

At the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS), students find the programs, coursework, and connections that give them the experience and credentials they need to achieve their professional goals. The College offers a variety of applied undergraduate degrees, professional master's degrees, and professional development certificates. These offerings enable students to learn from industry experts, gain leadership skills, and advance their careers.

What are your professional goals, and how will you make them a reality?

Owning Your Development

Ted Weidenbach

Ted Weidenbach had worked in Target Corp.’s security division for more than a decade by the time he made the decision to change his professional trajectory. While he wanted to remain with Target, the new career he was after required expertise in adult learning and development. 

He began taking steps to pivot his career, and one major step he took was to enroll in CCAPS’s Professional Train-the-Trainer Certificate program. Through this coursework and training, Weidenbach developed a strong enough knowledge base to apply for—and ultimately acquire—the job he really wanted. 

“You own your development,” Weidenbach says. “Everything you want in a job, you own. And if you want to get better at something, or you want to learn a new skill, getting a certificate is the perfect way to bridge the gap.”

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Finishing What You Started

Yara Grieder

When Yara Grieder enrolled in CCAPS’s Multidisciplinary Studies (MdS) program, she knew it would be a challenge. As a working mother with three kids, taking on college would mean one more thing to juggle during each busy week. But she was determined to earn her undergraduate degree and pushed herself to finish. 
The MdS program is individualized, which meant that Grieder was able to choose areas of concentration for her degree. Hers were Communication; Applied, Technical and Professional; and History and Social Sciences. As a result of her academic pursuits, Grieder was offered more responsibility at work, which wouldn’t have been available to her without the degree. Additionally, Grieder feels a profound sense of possibility and accomplishment.

“The MdS program has been all about options,” Grieder says. “I never felt limited about what I could do with my education. The courses always seemed to make sense with everything I wanted for my life. Now that I’ve graduated, it feels liberating.”

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Making a Difference

Kanut Laoharawee

Fascinated by the finer details of science, especially the ones revealed under a microscope, Kanut Laoharawee enrolled in CCAPS’s Master of Biological Sciences program. Through connections made in the program, he began research on a challenging subject: Hunter syndrome, an inherited genetic disorder caused by a missing or malfunctioning enzyme. 

Driven to alleviate suffering in others, Laoharawee dove into the research and helped to develop a therapeutic treatment to better manage the disease. “There are so many people in my life who have been affected by disease, from cancer to viral infections," he says. "If I could do something to help people, to keep them alive—not just family and friends, but anyone—that would be great."

While bringing this therapy to people is still far away, the research that Laoharawee did during his master’s program is promising enough to fortify his motivation and enthusiasm. 

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