Maintained by the Minnesota English Language Program, this website provides faculty, instructors, and staff at the University of Minnesota with strategies to serve multilingual learners more effectively—in the classroom, in advising sessions, and through other exchanges. Each resource includes research-based tips on key topics, and incorporates student, staff, and faculty perspectives.  

Why "Multilingual Learner"?

We primarily use the term "multilingual learner" to describe students for whom English is not a first or primary language. Other terms are commonly used at the University of Minnesota, such as EFL (English as a Foreign Language), ELL (English Language Learners), ESL (English as a Second Language), NNS (non-native speaker); however, we prefer this one because it promotes an equality of languages and doesn't focus on a language deficiency. 

For more in-depth research about supporting multilingual students, see these recent survey findings.

    Share Your Success Strategy

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