Thursday, February 16, 2023 - 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

This year’s weeklong event will be February with live Zoom sessions being held each day. This event is great for first and second year students who are searching for a major, as well as any student who is looking for more information about minors (or considering an additional major).

Virtual Week

This year’s virtual Expo will be expanded to a week of exploration! This gives students and departments more flexibility and opportunity to attend the event.

Theme Days

Each day of the week will be designated to exploring majors in a particular theme to encourage students to explore related interests. College Transfer Advisors will also be available on Friday. See all theme days here.

Meet-Ups (Zoom Sessions)

Many departments will be hosting live Zoom sessions called “Major (or Minor) Meet-Ups”. These sessions are aimed to mimic the experience of a student walking up to a table to ask questions at the Expo. No appointment times are needed, students can drop in any time during the Meet-Up.

2/16 CCAPS Session, 12-3

2/17 CCAPS Session, 12-3

Video Overviews

Departments also have the option to submit short videos highlighting their program. All videos will be listed on the event website along with their respective major and/or minor.


Programs Represented: Undergraduate Programs

For more information, please reach out to Jeff Olsen Krengel ( and visit the Major/Minor Expo page