Facility Management Certificate

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​​​​​​The Facility Management combines design and building operations with construction management and business skills. You'll gain essential skills in:

  • estimating documents;
  • scheduling contracts;
  • planning project execution;
  • measuring results and ensuring quality;
  • managing projects;
  • facility operations and maintenance;
  • facility cost accounting and finance.

What Is Facility Management?

And what do faculty managers do? Watch this short video from faculty director Peter Hilger and find out.


Required Courses (19 credits)
Course Name Course Number Credits
Facility Programming and Design CMGT 3024W 2
Construction Planning and Scheduling CMGT 4021 3
Construction Estimating CMGT 4022 3
Building Codes for Construction Managers CMGT 4073 1
Facility Cost Accounting and Finance CMGT 4211 2
Facility Operations and Maintenance Intensive CMGT 4213 3
Facility Quality Assessment and Commissioning CMGT 4215 2
Construction Management Capstone CMGT 4861 3


CMGT 4542 Building Energy Systems (3 credits) or CMGT 4562 Building Envelope Design and Construction (2 credits) are necessary in order to be successful in several courses and will not count toward the required 19 credits.

Other recommended courses include CMGT 4011 Construction Documents and Contracts; CMGT 3011 Construction Plan Reading; and CMGT 4031 Construction Safety and Loss Control.

Transferring Credits

With approval of the program, up to 7 credits of transfer coursework may be used to satisfy requirements for this certificate.

In addition, the Facility Management certificate can apply toward the  Bachelor of Applied Science in Construction Management degree program. 

If you have any questions about how your credits may transfer in or out of this program, please consult with an adviser.

Certificate Completion

To be awarded the certificate, you should complete all coursework within four years of admission, with a minimum grade of C- and a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

When you are ready to apply for graduation, visit One Stop and complete the Application for Undergraduate degree form.


Admission Deadlines

Fall semester | July 15
Spring semester | November 15
Summer term | April 15

Admission Requirements

Minimum requirements include:

  • 45 transferable semester credits completed;
  • a preferred performance level of a 2.5 or better in your undergraduate- or graduate-level work; if you do not have a cumulative 2.5 GPA but have relevant professional experience, contact an adviser.

Admission Benefits

You may take one or two courses in the program before applying for official admission, however, you should apply for admission as soon as possible.

As an admitted certificate student, you will:

  • be assured that all of your course work will count toward the certificate (unless requirements change);
  • receive updates about the program;
  • have an opportunity to register earlier than a student who is not admitted;
  • not be assessed the University of Minnesota Student Services fee.

Current U of M Students

Are you a current U of M student interested in adding facility management to your studies? We also offer a Facility Management minor.


To find out when you should register, consult the Registration Calendar.

  • If you are a U of M admitted student, register through MyU. Instructions can be found on One Stop.
  • If you would like to take one of our courses but are a non-degree/guest student (not formally admitted to a degree or certificate program), follow the registration steps outlined on One Stop.

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