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IRS Updates, Important Links & Numbers

  1. IR-2019-163: Reminder: Oct. 15 deadline approaching for taxpayers who requested extensions (Posted 10/17/19)
  2. Tax Tip 2019-139: The earned income tax credit can put money in taxpayers’ pockets (Posted 10/17/19)
  3. IR-2019-164: IRS extends Oct. 15 and other upcoming deadlines, provides other tax relief for victims of Tropical Storm Imelda (Posted 10/17/19)
  4. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-140: Tax reform publication translated into different languages (Posted 10/17/19)
  5. IR-2019-165: New payment option available to taxpayers in private debt collection program (Posted 10/17/19)
  6. IR-2019-166: IRS celebrates National Work and Family Month (Posted 10/17/19)
  7. IR-2019-167: Virtual currency: IRS issues additional guidance on tax treatment and reminds taxpayers of reporting obligations (Posted 10/17/19)
  8. Tax Tip 2019-141: The child tax credit benefits eligible parents (Posted 10/17/19)
  9. RR-2019-24: Virtual currency (Posted 10/17/19)
  10. Corrected: RR-2019-24 (Posted 10/17/19)
  11. IR-2019-168: 2 million ITINs set to expire in 2019; to avoid refund delays apply soon (Posted 10/17/19)
  12. Tax Tip 2019-142: Taxpayers who donate to charity should check out these resources (Posted 10/17/19)
  13. e-News for Small Business Issue 2019-17 (Posted 10/17/19)
  14. IRS video tax tip: Reminders for Extension Filers-Oct. 15 (Posted 10/17/19)
  15. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-37 (Posted 10/17/19)
  16. Tax Tip 2019-135: Taxpayer Bill of Rights outlines protections for all taxpayers (Posted 10/14/19)
  17. IR-2019-160, IRS releases draft 2019 Forms 1065, 1120-S and Schedules K-1 (Posted 10/14/19)
  18. IR-2019-161, IRS relief provides drought-stricken farmers, ranchers more time to replace livestock (Posted 10/14/19)
  19. Notice 2019-54, extension of replacement period for livestock sold on account of drought (Posted 10/14/19)
  20. Rev. Proc. 2019-39, remedial amendment periods for correcting form defects in 403(b) plans (Posted 10/14/19)
  21. IR-2019-162: IRS grants relief for U.S. persons who own stock in certain foreign corporations (Posted 10/14/19)
  22. RP-2019-40 (Posted 10/14/19)
  23. Tax Tip 2019-136: Taxpayers can explore several tax help options before visiting an IRS office (Posted 10/14/19)
  24. Tax Tip 2019-137: What teachers should know about deducting out-of-pocket classroom expenses (Posted 10/14/19)
  25. Tax Tip 2019-138: Here’s how the credit for other dependents can benefit taxpayers (Posted 10/14/19)
  26. IRS video tax tip: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Recruitment (Posted 10/14/19)
  27. e-News for Small Business Issue 2019-16 (Posted 10/14/19)
  28. e-News for Tax Professionals 2019-36 (Posted 10/14/19)
  29. Tax Tip 2019-131: IRS offers videos on wide range of tax topics in American Sign Language (Posted 10/2/19)
  30. N-2019-51: September interest rate (Posted 10/2/19)
  31. Tax Tip 2019-132: The filing deadline for extension filers is almost here (Posted 10/2/19)
  32. IRS Safe Harbor to allow rental real estate to qualify as a business for a deduction (Posted 10/2/19)
  33. RP-2019-38 - safe harbor for rental real estate businesses (Posted 10/2/19)
  34. N-19-55: 2019-2020 Special Per Diem Rates (Posted 10/2/19)
  35. Tax Tip 2019-133: Free webinars cover foreign tax credit and taxes for people working abroad (Posted 10/2/19)
  36. e-News for Payroll Professionals (Posted 10/2/19)
  37. Tax Tip 2019-134: Taxpayers should beware of property lien scam (Posted 10/2/19)
  38. IR-2019-159: IRS releases new Tax Gap estimates; compliance rates remain substantially unchanged from prior study (Posted 10/2/19)
  39. IRS video tax tip: Employee Achievement Awards (Posted 10/2/19)
  40. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-35 (Posted 10/2/19)
  41. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-127: Free Tax Withholding Estimator webinar (Posted 9/25/19)
  42. IRS offers settlement for microcaptive insurance schemes (Posted 9/25/19)
  43. N-2019-52: Low-Income Housing Credit Disaster Relief for the State of California (Posted 9/25/19)
  44. Tax Tip 2019-128: Here are disaster resources taxpayers can check out now to help them later (Posted 9/25/19)
  45. RR-2019-23: Applicable federal rates (Posted 9/25/19)
  46. Tax Tip 2019-129: Tax preparers should take another look at the Taxes-Security-Together Checklist (Posted 9/25/19)
  47. Tax Tip 2019-130: Here’s what happens after a disaster that leads to relief for affected taxpayers (Posted 9/25/19)
  48. IRS video tax tip: (ASL) Protecting Deaf Taxpayer Civil Rights (Posted 9/25/19)
  49. e-News for Small Business Issue 2019-15 (Posted 9/25/19)
  50. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-34 (Posted 9/25/19)
  51. Tax Tip 2019-123: Taxpayers can go to for answers to questions about payments and penalties (Posted 9/18/19)
  52. IR-2019-152: Third quarter estimated tax payment due Sept. 16 (Posted 9/18/19)
  53. Tax Tip 2019-124: It’s important for tax pros to know the signs they are a cyberthief’s victim (Posted 9/18/19)
  54. Tax Tip 2019-125: Two education credits help taxpayers with college costs (Posted 9/18/19)
  55. IR-2019-153: IRS announces leadership appointments in the Small Business/Self-Employed Division; Harris, Guillot join Hylton in key enforcement positions (Posted 9/18/19)
  56. Tax Tip 2019-126: Tax pros should create recovery plan and report thefts immediately (Posted 9/18/19)
  57. IR-2019-154: IRS Expanding the Compliance Assurance Process for 2020, Accepting New Corporate Applicants (Posted 9/18/19)
  58. IR-2019-155: Tax Withholding Estimator helps retirees; figures tax on Social Security benefits (Posted 9/18/19)
  59. IRS video tax tip: Moving Expenses (Posted 9/18/19)
  60. IR-2019-156: Treasury, IRS release final and proposed regulations on new 100% depreciation (Posted 9/18/19)
  61. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-33 (Posted 9/18/19)
  62. Tax Tip 2019-120: Here’s what tax pros can do so they aren’t taken on a phishing trip (Posted 9/11/19)
  63. Notice 2019-50, Affordable Care Act Section 9010 health insurance providers fee (Posted 9/11/19)
  64. Tax Tip 2019-121:Taxpayers can use 2018 tax return to estimate 2019 withholding amount (Posted 9/11/19)
  65. IR-2019-149: New IRS Tax Withholding Estimator helps workers with self-employment income (Posted 9/11/19)
  66. Tax Tip 2019-122:Tax preparers can follow these simple steps to protect client data (Posted 9/11/19)
  67. IRS video tax tip: Preparing for Disasters (Posted 9/11/19)
  68. RP-2019-37 (Posted 9/11/19)
  69. IR-2019-150: Treasury and IRS issue proposed regulations and provide relief for certain tax-exempt organizations (Posted 9/11/19)
  70. N-2019-47: Penalty relief related to reliance on Revenue Procedure 2018-38 (Posted 9/11/19)
  71. IR-2019-151: IRS announces new procedures to enable certain expatriated individuals a way to come into compliance with their U.S. tax and filing obligations (Posted 9/11/19)
  72. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-32 (Posted 9/11/19)
  73. Tax Tip 2019-116: These tax tips can help new business owners find success (Posted 9/4/19)
  74. Tax Tip 2019-117: Tax pros: Follow the “Security Six” steps to help protect taxpayer data (Posted 9/4/19)
  75. RP-2019-23: Implementation of Nonresident Alien Deposit Interest Regulations (Posted 9/4/19)
  76. e-News for Small Business Issue 2019-14 (Posted 9/4/19)
  77. IR-2019-146: Interest rates remain the same for the fourth quarter of 2019 (Posted 9/4/19)
  78. RR-2019-21: Interest rates (Posted 9/4/19)
  79. IR-2019-147: As Hurricane Dorian gains strength, IRS encourages preparation for natural disasters (Posted 9/4/19)
  80. Tax Tip 2019-119: Here’s what tax professionals should know about creating a data security plan (Posted 9/4/19)
  81. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-31 (Posted 9/4/19)
  82. IRS announces dyed diesel penalty waiver for Florida in advance of Hurricane Doran (Posted 9/4/19)
  83. IRS video tax tip: Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) (Posted 8/21/19)
  84. RR-2019-20: Applicable Federal Rates (Posted 8/21/19)
  85. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-29 (Posted 8/21/19)
  86. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-112: Tax planning should include a Paycheck Checkup (Posted 8/28/19)
  87. CORRECTED: N-2019-48 (Posted 8/28/19)
  88. Tax Tip 2019-114: Tax pros should review new checklist with steps to protect data (Posted 8/28/19)
  89. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-115: Employers who provide leave might qualify to claim valuable credit (Posted 8/28/19)
  90. N-2019-46: Domestic Partnerships and S Corporations Filing Under Proposed GILTI Regulations (Posted 8/28/19)
  91. Notice 2019-49 extends the temporary nondiscrimination relief for closed defined benefit plans that is provided in Notice 2014-5, 2014-2 I.R.B. 276, by making that relief available for plan years beginning before 2021 if the conditions of Notice 2014-5 are satisfied (Posted 8/28/19)
  92. e-News for Payroll Professionals (Posted 8/28/19)
  93. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-108: Taxpayers can follow these three steps to use new Tax Withholding Estimator (Posted 8/21/19)
  94. IR-2019-142: Moriarty selected as new associate chief counsel for Income Tax and Accounting (Posted 8/21/19)
  95. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-109: Here’s what taxpayers should know about making 2019 estimated tax payments (Posted 8/21/19)
  96. IR-2019-143: Tax Security 2.0 – A ‘Taxes-Security-Together’ Checklist – Step 5 (Posted 8/21/19)
  97. N-2019-48: Corporate bond monthly yield curve (Posted 8/21/19)
  98. RR-2019-19: Failure To Cash a Distribution Check From a Qualified Retirement Plan (Posted 8/21/19)
  99. Tax Tip 2019-110: Taxpayers with expiring ITINs should renew them now (Posted 8/21/19)
  100. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-111: Here’s what taxpayers should know about the new IRS Tax Withholding Estimator (Posted 8/21/19)
  101. IRS video tax tip: Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) (Posted 8/21/19)
  102. RR-2019-20: Applicable Federal Rates (Posted 8/21/19)
  103. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-29 (Posted 8/21/19)
  104. 2019 Sales Tax Law Changes (Posted 8/14/2019)
  105. News release: Department of Revenue offers tips for property tax refund filers ahead of August 15 deadline (Posted 8/14/2019)
  106. August 8, 2019: Minnesota Department of Revenue updates tax law changes FAQs (Posted 8/14/2019)
  107. St. Paul man charged with multiple tax crimes (Posted 8/14/2019)
  108. Tax Tip 2019-104: Business owners may be able to benefit from the home office deduction (8/14/2019)
  109. IR-2019-139: IRS launches new Tax Withholding Estimator; Redesigned online tool makes it easier to do a paycheck checkup (Posted 8/14/2019)
  110. Tax Tip 2019-105: Taxpayers can file Form 2290 electronically to pay heavy highway vehicle use tax (Posted 8/14/2019)
  111. Special Edition - e-News for Payroll Professionals - Launch of new Tax Withholding Estimator (Posted 8/14/2019)
  112. IR-2019-140: Tax Security 2.0 – A “Taxes-Security-Together” Checklist – Step 4 (Posted 8/14/2019)
  113. RP-2019-34: Change in accounting method for insurance companies (Posted 8/14/2019)
  114. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-106: Improved tool on helps taxpayers check their withholding (Posted 8/14/2019)
  115. Tax Tip 2019-107: These summer activities can affect next year’s tax returns (Posted 8/14/2019)
  116. IRS Newswire, Issue Number: IR-2019-141 (Posted 8/14/2019)
  117. e-News for Small Business Issue 2019-13 (Posted 8/14/2019)
  118. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-28 (Posted 8/14/2019)
  119. Attn: Software Developers, Return Transmitters and Authorized IRS e-file Providers/EROs (Posted 8/7/2019)
  120. Tax Tip 2019-96: Taxpayers who need to get a tax transcript should first visit (Posted 8/7/2019)
  121. RP-2019-29, premium tax credit (Posted 8/7/2019)
  122. RP-2019-30, insurance company change in method of accounting (Posted 8/7/2019)
  123. RP-2019-31, insurance company discount factors (Posted 8/7/2019)
  124. IR-2019-130, Qualified Business Income Session at IRS Nationwide Tax Forum (Posted 8/7/2019)
  125. Tax Tip 2019-97: Good tax planning includes good recordkeeping (Posted 8/7/2019)
  126. IR-2019-131: Tax Security 2.0 – A ‘Taxes-Security-Together’ Checklist – Step 2 (Posted 8/7/2019)
  127. Tax Tip 2019-98: Tax planning includes determining filing status (Posted 8/7/2019)
  128. Tax Tip 2019-99: Year-round tax planning includes reviewing eligibility for credits and deductions (Posted 8/7/2019)
  129. e-News for Payroll Professionals (Posted 8/7/2019)
  130. RP-2019-32: Six-Month Extension to File Form 1065 and Furnish Schedules K-1 Granted to Eligible Partnerships (Posted 8/7/2019)
  131. IRS video tax tip: IRS Letter CP2000-Proposed Changes to Your Tax Return (Posted 8/7/2019)
  132. IR-2019-132: IRS has begun sending letters to virtual currency owners advising them to pay back taxes, file amended returns; part of agency’s larger efforts (Posted 8/7/2019)
  133. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-26 (Posted 8/7/2019)
  134. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-100: Here’s the 411 on who can deduct car expenses on their tax returns (Posted 8/7/2019)
  135. Tax Tip 2019-101: Lowering AGI this year can help taxpayers when they file next year (Posted 8/7/2019)
  136. IR-2019-135: IRS, Treasury issue guidance on making or revoking the bonus depreciation elections (Posted 8/7/2019)
  137. RP-2019-33 (Posted 8/7/2019)
  138. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-102: These summer actions might benefit taxpayers who itemize (Posted 8/7/2019)
  139. IR-2019-136: Tax Security 2.0 – A ‘Taxes-Security-Together’ Checklist - Step 3 (Posted 8/7/2019)
  140. IR-2019-137: Veteran IRS enforcement leaders selected to lead SB/SE, TE/GE; Hylton, Ripperda to serve as commissioners (Posted 8/7/2019)
  141. Tax Tip 2019-103: Here’s where taxpayers can find answers to questions about their tax refund (Posted 8/7/2019)
  142. IR-2019-138: IRS: Truckers should e-file highway use tax return by Sept. 3 (Posted 8/7/2019)
  143. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-27 (Posted 8/7/2019)
  144. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-88: Divorce or separation may have an effect on taxes (Posted 7/24/19)
  145. Tax Tip 2019-89: Taxpayers can check online to get updates about their tax refund (Posted 7/24/19)
  146. IR-2019-122: Tax Security 2.0 – A ‘Taxes-Security-Together’ Checklist (Posted 7/24/19)
  147. IR-2019-123: National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson releases comprehensive report intended to improve EITC administration; publishes ‘subway map’ of taxpayer’s journey through the tax system (Posted 7/24/19)
  148. IR-2019-124: Have a sunnier tax season with these summertime IRS tax tips (Posted 7/24/19)
  149. Tax Tip 2019-90: People can act now to help others in their community next year (Posted 7/24/19)
  150. Tax Tip 2019-91: Taxpayers can still get help tax help this summer (Posted 7/24/19)
  151. N-2019-44: July interest rates (Posted 7/24/19)
  152. IRS video tax tip: Tax Security 2.0: Taxes-Security-Together Checklist (Posted 7/24/19)
  153. N-2019-43: Beginning of Construction for Sections 45 and 48; Tolling and Extension of Continuity Safe Harbor to Mitigate Significant National Security Concerns (Posted 7/24/19)
  154. IR-2019-125: Time is running out for some combat-injured veterans to claim tax refunds of up to $3,200 (Posted 7/24/19)
  155. e-News for Tax Professionals 2019-24 (Posted 7/24/19)
  156. Tax Tip 2019-92: Tips to help organizations understand the tax-exempt application process (Posted 7/24/19)
  157. Tax Tip 2019-93: Interactive tool on helps taxpayers get answers to their tax questions (Posted 7/24/19)
  158. IR-2019-127: Tax Security 2.0 – A ‘Taxes-Security-Together’ Checklist – Step 1 (Posted 7/24/19)
  159. IR-2019-128: IRS provides additional details on transition tax on untaxed foreign earnings (Posted 7/24/19)
  160. Tax Tip 2019-94: Here’s how individual taxpayers can view their tax account info (Posted 7/24/19)
  161. RR-2019-17: August AFR (Posted 7/24/19)
  162. IR-2019-129: IRS expands list of preventive care for HSA participants to include certain care for chronic conditions (Posted 7/24/19)
  163. N-2019-45: Additional Preventive Care Benefits Permitted to be Provided by a High Deductible Health Plan Under § 223 (Posted 7/24/19)
  164. Tax Tip 2019-95: Extension filers: Don’t panic, just go to for help (Posted 7/24/19)
  165. Subject: e-News for Small Business, Issue 2019-12 (Posted 7/24/19)
  166. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-25 (Posted 7/24/19)

Minnesota Department of Revenue Updates, Important Links & Numbers

Minnesota Department of Revenue Contact Information

  1. October 3, 2019: Minnesota Department of Revenue updates tax law changes FAQs (Posted 10/14/19)
  2. McIntosh woman charged with multiple crimes (Posted 10/2/19)
  3. News release: Military service members: Have you claimed your 2015 military tax credit? (Posted 10/2/19)
  4. Hugo man charged with multiple tax crimes (Posted 9/18/19)
  5. Some clients with a Homestead Exclusion for Veterans with a Disability may be eligible for a special property tax refund (Posted 9/18/19)
  6. Dual status technicians may qualify for the military pay subtraction (Posted 9/11/19)
  7. We updated the 2019 Minnesota Withholding Tax Tables (Posted 9/11/19)
  8. September 5 Tax Professional Webinar Script Now Available (Posted 9/11/19)
  9. August 15, 2019: Minnesota Department of Revenue posts links to updated 2017 and 2018 filing software and tax law changes FAQs. (Posted 8/21/19)
  10. Tax Delinquency List Updated (Posted 8/21/19)
  11. Mankato restaurant and restaurant managers charged with multiple tax crimes (Posted 8/21/19)
  12. Notification of New or Increased Local Sales and Use Taxes Starting October 1, 2019 (Posted 8/7/2019)
  13. 2019 Legislative Bulletins are now available (Posted 8/7/2019)
  14. Back to school shopping can mean tax savings for Minnesota parents! (Posted 8/7/2019)
  15. Update to e-Services Payment Confirmation Email (Posted 8/7/2019)
  16. August 1, 2019: Minnesota Department of Revenue updates tax law changes FAQs and posts 2019 near final forms (Posted 8/7/2019)
  17. Hastings man charged with multiple tax crimes (Posted 8/7/2019)
  18. Back-to-school shopping? Save your receipts to claim valuable tax benefits! (Posted 8/7/2019)
  19. Blaine man charged with tobacco-related tax crime (Posted 7/24/19)
  20. File and Pay Minnesota Second Quarter Withholding Tax by July 31, 2019 (Posted 7/24/19)
  21. Reminder: Second Quarter Sales and Use Tax Returns are Due July 22 (Posted 7/24/19)
  22. Reminder: Monthly Sales and Use Tax Returns are Due July 22 (Posted 7/24/19)
  23. Tax Delinquency List Updated (Posted 7/24/19)
  24. Grants available for nonprofits offering volunteer taxpayer assistance services (Posted 7/24/19)
  25. Minnesota Department of Revenue’s new sales tax rate map wins two awards (Posted 7/24/19)
  26. July 23, 2019: Minnesota Department of Revenue updates tax law changes FAQs and posts final draft forms for tax years 2017 and 2018 (Posted 7/24/19)
  27. 2015 Tax Credit Expiring Soon for Military Members (Posted 7/24/19
  28. St. Cloud woman charged with multiple tax crimes (Posted 6/12/19