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IRS Updates, Important Links & Numbers

  1. Tax Tip 2019-85: Tips for taxpayers who make money from a hobby (Posted 7/10/19)
  2. Tax Tip 2019-86: Taxpayers should be on the lookout for new versions of these two scams (Posted 7/10/19)
  3. Tax Tip 2019-87: Tips to help taxpayers recognize tax scams (Posted 7/10/19)
  4. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-23 (Posted 7/10/19)
  5. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-81: Tips for taxpayers who have tax issues after filing their taxes (Posted 7/3/19)
  6. e-News for Small Business Issue 2019-11 (Posted 7/3/19)
  7. Tax Tip 2019-82: Tax transcript tips for those filing a FAFSA for the 2019-2020 college semesters (Posted 7/3/19)
  8. N-2019-42: Amplification of Notice 2018-48 to Include Additional Puerto Rico Designated Qualified Opportunity Zones (Posted 7/3/19)
  9. Tax Tip 2019-83: Educators can claim deduction to get money back for classroom expenses (Posted 7/3/19)
  10. Information on fake charities; Revisions to Form 8976 registration system; Update to Revenue Procedure 75-50 (Posted 7/3/19)
  11. Tax Tip 2019-84: Here’s what taxpayers should know before visiting an IRS office (Posted 7/3/19)
  12. e-News for Payroll Professionals (Posted 7/3/19)
  13. IRS video tax tip: Making an Appointment for IRS Tax Help (Posted 7/3/19)
  14. IR-2019-120: IRS issues guidance on the tax on the net investment income of certain private colleges and universities (Posted 7/3/19)
  15. e-News for Tax Professionals 2019-22 (Posted 7/3/19)
  16. Tax Tip 2019-77: Here's what taxpayers need to know about backup withholding (Posted 6/26/19)
  17. Tax Tip 2019-78: Here’s what taxpayers should know if they get a notice from the IRS (Posted 6/26/19)
  18. IR-2019-115: IRS, Treasury issue guidance under Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 for cooperatives and patrons of cooperatives (Posted 6/26/19)
  19. N-2019-27: Methods for Calculating W-2 Wages for Purposes of Section 199A(g) (Posted 6/26/19)
  20. IR-2019-116: Washington, D.C., area IRS Nationwide Tax Forum coming July 9-11; Register early to save and hear latest on tax reform, cybersecurity (Posted 6/26/19)
  21. IR-2019-117: Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee issues 2019 Annual Report; Recommendations target identity theft, refund fraud (Posted 6/26/19)
  22. Tax Tip 2019-79: Members of the armed forces are entitled to certain tax benefits (Posted 6/26/19)
  23. RR-2019-16: Applicable federal rates (Posted 6/26/19)
  24. IR-2019-118: Millions more ITINs set to expire in 2019; IRS says renew early to prevent refund delays (Posted 6/26/19)
  25. Tax Tip 2019-80: Taxpayers who still haven’t filed their 2018 tax return should do so ASAP (Posted 6/26/19)
  26. IR-2019-119: National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson delivers her final report to Congress; identifies priority challenges facing the IRS and TAS (Posted 6/26/19)
  27. IRS video tax tip: Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) (Posted 6/26/19)
  28. e-News for Tax Professionals 2019-21 (Posted 6/26/19)
  29. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-73: All taxpayers should check their withholding ASAP (Posted 6/19/19)
  30. IR-2019-107: IRS continues campaign to encourage taxpayers to do a Paycheck Checkup; use Withholding Calculator to help get right amount for 2019 (Posted 6/19/19)
  31. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-74: Here’s what taxpayers should know about doing a Paycheck Checkup (Posted 6/19/19)
  32. Special edition e-News for Payroll Professionals - First draft of Pub 15-T - Review and comment (Posted 6/19/19)
  33. IR-2019-108: IRS reminder: Get tax withholding right; do a Paycheck Checkup at least once every year (Posted 6/19/19)
  34. IR-2019-109: Final Regulations on Charitable Contributions and State and Local Tax Credits (Posted 6/19/19)
  35. Notice 2019-12: Guidance Providing a Safe Harbor Under Section 164 for Certain Individuals Who Make a Payment to or for the Use of an Entity Described in Section 170(c) in Return for a State or Local Tax Credit (Posted 6/19/19)
  36. IR-2019-110: IRS Withholding Calculator can help workers have right amount of tax withheld following tax law changes (Posted 6/19/19)
  37. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-75: There are two ways taxpayers can check their withholding on (Posted 6/19/19)
  38. IR-2019-111: IRS reminds taxpayers to adjust tax withholding to pay the right tax amount (Posted 6/19/19)
  39. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-76: Taxpayers have options for paying the tax they owe throughout the year (Posted 6/19/19)
  40. Notice 2019-40: Part III --- Administrative, Miscellaneous, and Procedural-- Update for Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates (Posted 6/19/19)
  41. Notice 2019-40, interest rates, June 2019 (Posted 6/19/19)
  42. IR-2019-112: IRS reminder: Taxpayers can help determine the right amount of tax to withhold from their paychecks by doing a Paycheck Checkup now (Posted 6/19/19)
  43. IR-2019-113: IRS wants to hear from large corporate taxpayers interested in applying for the Compliance Assurance Process (Posted 6/19/19)
  44. e-News for Tax Professionals 2019-20 (Posted 6/19/19)
  45. IR-2019-114: IRS and Treasury issue guidance related to global intangible low-taxed income (GILTI) (Posted 6/19/19)
  46. IR-2019-99: IRS now billing those who filed for 2018 but didn’t pay; many payment options available (Posted 6/12/19)
  47. Tax Tip 2019-69: Taxpayers have the right to appeal an IRS decision (Posted 6/12/19)
  48. IR-2019-100: IRS Tax Forum ‘early bird’ registration ends June 15; enroll early, save (Posted 6/12/19)
  49. Tax Tip 2019-70: Tips for taxpayers who may need to amend their tax return (Posted 6/12/19)
  50. IR-2019-101: IRS takes additional steps to protect taxpayer data; plans to end faxing and third-party mailings of certain tax transcripts (Posted 6/12/19)
  51. Form 990-T Fiscal Year 2017 Corporate Filers Apply Blended Rate to Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI) for Entire Taxable Year (Posted 6/12/19)
  52. Tax Tip 2019-71:Got tip income? Here are some tips about tips from the IRS (Posted 6/12/19)
  53. IR-2019-102: For taxpayers living, working outside the U.S., file a return by June 17 (Posted 6/12/19)
  54. IR-2019-103: Interest rates decrease for the third quarter of 2019 (Posted 6/12/19)
  55. IR-2019-104: IRS reminder: Tax scams continue year-round (Posted 6/12/19)
  56. IR-2019-105: IRS reminder: June 17 is next deadline for those who pay estimated taxes (Posted 6/12/19)
  57. Tax Tip 2019-72: Taxpayers have the right to pay no more than what they owe (Posted 6/12/19)
  58. IR-2019-106: IRS warns of higher penalty for some tax returns filed after June 14; and FS-2019-10: IRS explains CP2000 notices sent to taxpayers when their tax return doesn’t match information from 3rd parties (Posted 6/12/19)
  59. e-News for Tax Professionals 2019-19 (Posted 6/12/19)
  60. Happy 529 College Savings Day! Learn about Minnesota's 529 tax benefit! (Posted 6/5/19)
  61. Military Appreciation Month - Property tax exclusion for veterans with disability (Posted 6/5/19)
  62. Correction to 2018 Property Tax Refund Instructions for line 5 (Posted 6/5/19)
  63. News release: Minnesota Department of Revenue launches new website (Posted 6/5/19)
  64. Tax Tip 2019-66: Home office deduction benefits eligible small business owners (Posted 6/5/19)
  65. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-67: All taxpayers should plan ahead for natural disasters (Posted 6/5/19)
  66. e-News Payroll Professionals Issue Number: 2019-03 (Posted 6/5/19
  67. Tax Tip 2019-68: Taxpayers should include tax plans in their wedding plans (Posted 6/5/19)
  68. IR-2019-98, IRS, Treasury unveil proposed W-4 design for 2020 (Posted 6/5/19)
  69. Special edition e-News for Payroll Professionals - First draft of 2020 Form W-4 now available (Posted 6/5/19)
  70. e-News for Small Business Issue 2019-10 (Posted 6/5/19)
  71. e-News for Tax Professionals 2019-18 (Posted 6/5/19)
  72. IR-2019-96: IRS releases Data Book for 2018 showing range of tax data including audits, collection actions and taxpayer service (Posted 5/29/19)
  73. Tax Tip 2019-62: It’s summertime…and these tips can help make livin’ easy for teens with jobs (Posted 5/29/19)
  74. A-2019-06: corrects Notice 2019-32 (Posted 5/29/19)
  75. Tax Tip 2019-63: Taxpayer Bill of Rights provides protections (Posted 5/29/19)
  76. RP-2019-26 (Posted 5/29/19)
  77. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-64: Here’s what historic building owners should know about the rehabilitation tax credit (Posted 5/29/19)
  78. N-2019-39: Current Refundings for Certain Targeted State, Local, and Indian Tribal Government Bond Programs (Posted 5/29/19)
  79. IR-2019-97: IRS: Doing a ‘Paycheck Checkup’ is a good idea for workers with multiple jobs (Posted 5/29/19)
  80. Tax Tip 2019-65: It’s not too late to check IRS payment options (Posted 5/29/19)
  81. IRS video tax tip: Meals and Entertainment (Posted 5/29/19)
  82. e-News for Tax Professionals 2019-17 (Posted 5/29/19)
  83. Statistician, revenue agent, and tax examining technician opportunities at the IRS, Tax Exempt & Government Entities (Posted 5/29/19)
  84. Tax Tip 2019-58: Recapping highlights from National Small Business Week 2019 (Posted 5/22/19)
  85. Tax Tip 2019-59: Disaster resources can help taxpayers weather the storm (Posted 5/22/19)
  86. IRS video tax tip: 100 Percent First Year Depreciation (Posted 5/22/19)
  87. Tax Tip 2019-60: Tax tips for taxpayers to consider when selling their home. (Posted 5/22/19)
  88. Tax Tip 2019-61: Tax Preparers: Register for 2019 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums (Posted 5/22/19)
  89. IR-2019-94: IRS seeks grant applications for Tax Counseling for the Elderly Program (Posted 5/22/19)
  90. N-2019-35: Update for Weighted Average Interest Rates, Yield Curves, and Segment Rates, May 2019 (Posted 5/22/19)
  91. IR-2019-95: LB&I Announces Large Corporate Compliance Program (Posted 5/22/19)
  92. RR-19-14: Monthly AFR June 2019 (Posted 5/22/19)
  93. IRS video tax tip: Employee Qualified Transportation (Posted 5/22/19)
  94. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-16 (Posted 5/22/19)
  95. Tax Tip 2019-49: Here’s what people should know about reporting cash payments (Posted 5/15/19)
  96. IR-2019-81, For those who missed the tax-filing deadline, IRS says file now to avoid bigger bill (Posted 5/15/19)
  97. Tax Tip 2019-50: is the first place to go for answers to tax questions (Posted 5/15/19)
  98. IR-2019-82: IRS announces new personnel selection for Office of Chief Counsel (Posted 5/15/19)
  99. Tax Tip 2019-51: Some taxpayers may need to amend their tax return (Posted 5/15/19)
  100. IR-2019-83: IRS accepting applications for 2020 grants for low income taxpayer clinics (Posted 5/15/19)
  101. IR-2019-84: IRS expands retirement plan Determination Letter Program and Self- Correction Program (Posted 5/15/19)
  102. IR-2019-85: IRS urges data security, paying estimated taxes; highlights tax benefits, online resources during Small Business Week (Posted 5/15/19)
  103. Issue Number: RP-2019-21 (Posted 5/15/19)
  104. Tax Tip 2019-52: has resources to help business owners understand taxes (Posted 5/15/19)
  105. IR-2019-86: IRS seeks nominations for Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council through June 10 (Posted 5/15/19)
  106. N-2019-32: Request for Comments on Credit for Carbon Oxide Sequestration (Posted 5/15/19)
  107. IRS video tax tip: IRS Small Business Self-Employed Tax Center (Posted 5/15/19)
  108. IR-2019-87: IRS promotes disaster readiness and Hurricane Preparedness Week (Posted 5/15/19)
  109. e-News for Small Business Issue 2019-08 (Posted 5/15/19)
  110. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-14 (Posted 5/15/19)
  111. Three Tips to Help You File a More Complete Form 990-Series Return (Posted 5/15/19)
  112. IR-2019-88: For Small Business Week: Backup withholding rate now 24 percent, bonuses 22 percent; workers urged to do a Paycheck Checkup (Posted 5/15/19)
  113. Tax Tip 2019-53: Here's how small businesses can connect with the IRS over social media (Posted 5/15/19)
  114. IR-2019-89: New requirement applies to any business seeking a tax ID number; IRS offers data security tips during National Small Business Week (Posted 5/15/19)
  115. Tax Tip 2019-54: Taking care of business: recordkeeping for small businesses (Posted 5/15/19)
  116. IR-2019-90: Many tax-exempt organizations have until May 15 to file information returns; IRS warns against including personal data (Posted 5/15/19)
  117. Clarification to EO Update issued May 6, 2019 (Posted 5/15/19)
  118. RP-2019-22: Updates earlier guidance to reflect advances to technology (Posted 5/15/19)
  119. N-2019-33: Request for Comments on Necessary Clarifications to Normalization Requirements for Excess Tax Reserves Resulting from the Corporate Tax Rate Decrease (Posted 5/15/19)
  120. IR-2019-91: During Small Business Week, IRS urges businesses to make estimated tax payments so they don’t owe (Posted 5/15/19)
  121. Tax Tip 2019-55: It pays for employers to file payroll taxes electronically (Posted 5/15/19)
  122. N-2019-34: Maximum Values For 2019 For Use With Vehicle Cents-Per-Mile and Fleet-Average Valuation Rules (Posted 5/15/19)
  123. IR-2019-92: During Small Business Week, IRS spotlights expanded tax benefits for depreciation and expensing (Posted 5/15/19)
  124. Businesses should review depreciation deductions rules (Posted 5/15/19)
  125. RR-2019-13: Guidance on the application of subchapters C and S of chapter 1 of subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code (Posted 5/15/19)
  126. IR-2019-93: IRS highlights credits and deductions for businesses during Small Business Week (Posted 5/15/19)
  127. Tax Tip 2019-57: Small businesses can benefit from deducting vehicle costs on their taxes (Posted 5/15/19)
  128. e-News for Small Business Issue 2019-09 (Posted 5/15/19)
  129. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-15 (Posted 5/15/19)
  130. White Bear Lake man, business charged with multiple tax crimes
  131. International Falls man charged with multiple tax crimes
  132. Fridley man charged with tobacco-related tax crime
  133. Tax Tip #17 for Tax Professionals – Address and bank account changes
  134. IR-2019-74, IRS provides tips for last-minute filers; resources for extensions, payments and installment agreements (Posted 4/25/19)
  135. Tax Tip 2019-41: Here’s how taxpayers can file an extension for more time to file their federal taxes (Posted 4/25/19)
  136. RR-2019-12: Applicable federal rates (Posted 4/25/19)
  137. Tax Tip 2019-42: Tool helps donors research tax-exempt organizations (Posted 4/25/19)
  138. N-2019-29: April interest rate (Posted 4/25/19)
  139. IR-2019-75: IRS issues guidance relating to deferral of gains for investments in a qualified opportunity fund (Posted 4/25/19)
  140. IR-2019-76: Cybersecurity, new tax law, top agenda at Nationwide Tax Forums (Posted 4/25/19)
  141. RESENDING - IR-2019-75: IRS issues guidance relating to deferral of gains for investments in a qualified opportunity fund (Posted 4/25/19)
  142. Tax Tip 2019-44: Updated pub helps taxpayers understand an offer in compromise (Posted 4/25/19)
  143. IR-2019-77: IRS announces multi-year plan to update, modernize IT systems; Effort focused on improved taxpayer services, expanded cybersecurity and taxpayer data protections (Posted 4/25/19)
  144. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-12 (Posted 4/25/19)
  145. Tax Tip 2019-45: Don’t fall for myth-leading information about tax refunds (Posted 5/1/19)
  146. Tax Reform Tax Tip 2019-46: Six things taxpayers should know about the sharing economy and their taxes (Posted 5/1/19)
  147. Tax Tip 2019-47: Dirty Dozen part 1: Taxpayers should be aware of these tax scams (Posted 5/1/19)
  148. N-2019-30: Public Comment Invited on Recommendations for 2019-2020 Priority Guidance Plan (Posted 5/1/19)
  149. Tax Tip 2019-48: Dirty Dozen part 2: Thieves work all year to scam taxpayers (Posted 5/1/19)
  150. IR-2019-78: IRS seeks applications for the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee through May 29 (Posted 5/1/19)
  151. IR-2019-79: IRS announces new personnel selection for Office of Chief Counsel (Posted 5/1/19)
  152. E-News for Payroll Professionals (Posted 5/1/19)
  153. IR-2019-80: Done with taxes this year? Use 2018 return to get 2019 withholding right (Posted 5/1/19)
  154. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-13 (Posted 5/1/19)
  155. IR-2019-65: IRS: Rushing to file taxes can result in errors, use e-file, file extension if needed (Posted 4/17/19)
  156. Tax Tip 2019-37: Free tax help available in-person and online (Posted 4/17/19)
  157. IR-2019-66: IRS, Security Summit partners mark significant progress against identity theft; key taxpayer protection trends continue (Posted 4/17/19)
  158. IR-2019-67: Best place to get last-minute tax tips and resources (Posted 4/17/19)
  159. IR-2019-38: How taxpayers can prepare for an appointment at a volunteer tax prep site (Posted 4/9/19)
  160. IR-2019-68: IRS now seeking volunteers for Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (Posted 4/17/19)
  161. Tax Tip 2019-39: Taxpayers who can’t pay their taxes should still file on time (Posted 4/17/19)
  162. IR-2019-69: Taxpayers can get faster tax refunds with Direct Deposit (Posted 4/17/19)
  163. Tax Tip 2019-40: ID theft: Here’s what to look for and what to do when it happens (Posted 4/17/19)
  164. RP-2019-18: Safe harbor for trades of player and staff-member contracts and draft picks (Posted 4/17/19)
  165. IR-2019-71: IRS highlights importance of payroll tax compliance in two-week campaign focused on legal actions, education visits (Posted 4/17/19)
  166. IR-2019-70: IRS issues guidance providing safe harbor for trades of player and staff-member contracts and draft picks (Posted 4/17/19)
  167. Form 990-series information returns are due May 15 (Posted 4/17/19)
  168. IRS video tax tip: Can’t Pay Your Taxes? Why It’s Still Important to File Your Tax Return (Posted 4/17/19)
  169. IR-2019-72: With tax-filing deadline nearing, IRS says about 50 million still need to file (Posted 4/17/19)
  170. IR-2019-73: Some people get more time to file without asking; Anyone else can request an automatic extension (Posted 4/17/19)
  171. e-News for Tax Professionals Issue 2019-11 (Posted 4/17/19

Minnesota Department of Revenue Updates, Important Links & Numbers

Minnesota Department of Revenue Contact Information

  1. Blaine man charged with tobacco-related tax crime (Posted 7/10/19)
  2. Tourism report update (Posted 7/3/19)
  3. Department of Revenue update on tax law changes for tax years 2017, 2018, and 2019 (Posted 7/3/19)
  4. St. Cloud woman charged with multiple tax crimes (Posted 6/12/19)
  5. Military Appreciation Month - Watch our video on Minnesota military tax tips (Posted 5/29/19)
  6. Tax Tip #21 for Tax Professionals – Missing Returns and Commissioner Filed Returns (Posted 5/29/19)
  7. New Minnesota Revenue Website Coming June 4! (Posted 5/29/19)
  8. Tax Delinquency List Updated (Posted 5/22/19)
  9. Military Appreciation Month - Claim a subtraction for military pensions (Posted 5/22/19)
  10. Tax Tip #20 for Tax Professionals – What to do when a letter arrives (Posted 5/22/19)
  11. News release: During National Military Appreciation Month, Revenue reminds military service members about the valuable tax benefits that are available to them (Posted 5/22/19)
  12. May is National Military Appreciation Month! (Posted 5/15/19)
  13. Tax Tip #18 for Tax Professionals - Understanding individual income tax penalties and interest rates (Posted 5/15/19)
  14. Farmington man charged with multiple tax crimes (Posted 5/3/19)
  15. Explore Revenue’s Business Center during National Small Business Week (Posted 5/15/19)
  16. New Hope man charged with tobacco-related tax crime (Posted 5/15/19)
  17. Minneapolis man charged with multiple tax crimes (Posted 5/15/19)
  18. Burnsville man charged with multiple tax crimes (Posted 5/15/19)
  19. Military Appreciation Month – Claim your 2015 military tax credit before it expires! (Posted 5/15/19)
  20. Tips to Spot Data Theft for National Small Business Week (Posted 5/15/19)
  21. Third-Party Access for e-Services is Secure, Convenient (Posted 5/15/19)
  22. e-Services and Third-Party Access (Posted 5/15/19)
  23. Tax Tip #19 for Tax Professionals – Filing amended returns (Posted 5/15/19)
  24. Tips to Stay Ahead of Data Thieves During National Small Business Week (Posted 5/15/19)
  25. 2019 Withholding Tax Materials and Free Classes Offered (Posted 5/15/19)
  26. Tax Tip #15 for Tax Professionals - Payment Options (Posted 4/17/19)
  27. Taxpayers affected by recent spring flooding or Winter Storm Wesley get more time to file and pay their Minnesota taxes (Posted 4/12/19