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Long Term Care Administration Series for Professionals and Graduate Students

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  • Tuition per credit: $512.30 (undergraduate); $1,465.00/credit (graduate)
  • Credits: 17 (dependent upon waiver of course requirements by state board)
  • Audience: Professionals and graduate students
  • Delivery: Online with 1−2 days in person each course

Our Long Term Care (LTC) administration courses offer experience and education to support Minnesota and Wisconsin licensure as a long term care (nursing home) administrator. We follow state licensing rules about the content to be covered, and our courses are approved by the state licensing boards.

If you are accepted to, or enrolled in, the Health Services Management degree, we also offer a Long Term Care Management Minor.


Courses are are offered online over five to seven weeks, making them convenient fo working professionals. You can register for them at the undergraduate or graduate level depending on preference.

We offer ten courses designed to meet Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrator (BENHA) licensure requirements:

BENHA Domain Course Name Course Number Credit(s) Suggested Semester Semester Offered
1 Long Term Care Organizational Management HSM 4585/6585 1 Fall Fall, Spring, Summer
2 Health Care Finance+ HSM 4541 3 Spring Fall, Spring
3 Long Term Care Gerontology for Health Care Managers HSM 4593/6593 1 Spring Fall, Spring, Summer
4 Long Term Care Health and Medical Needs HSM 4584/6584 1 Fall Fall, Spring, Summer
5 Long Term Care Supports and Services HSM 4583/6583 2 Spring Fall, Spring, Summer
6 Long Term Care Human Resources Management HSM 4589/6589 1 Fall Fall
7 Long Term Care Regulatory Management++ HSM 4587/6587 1 Spring Spring
7 Long Term Care Health Care Law++ HSM 4592/6592 1 Spring Spring
8 Long Term Care Quality Management and Performance Improvement HSM 4588/6588 2 Fall Fall, Spring, Summer
9 Practicum in Long Term Care  HSM 4582 1 Second semester Fall, Spring, Summer

+ HSM 4541 is a full 14-week online course for the semester and offers an alternative blended format of every other week in-person and online.

++ HSM 4587 & 4592 each have a one-day in-person seminar with experts in the field. Both of these courses are required to fulfill BENHA domain 7.


The practicum course is the final component of the Long Term Care series. Minnesota’s board requires a minimum of 1,000 hours for persons without nursing home-related experience. However, applicants with appropriate experience may have the number of hours reduced by the board.

Complete the following courses before enrolling in the practicum:

  • LTC Organizational Management (HSM 4585/6585)
  • LTC Human Resource Management (HSM 4589/6589)
  • LTC Supports and Service (HSM 4583/6583)
  • LTC Gerontology for Healthcare Managers (HSM 4593/6593)


Students enrolled in LTC courses can be nondegree-seeking working professionals or students enrolled in an academic program. You do not need to apply to a program to take any of the courses.

  • If you are a nondegree-seeking student (a working professional), follow the registration steps outlined on One Stop.
  • If you are a U of M admitted student, register through MyU. Instructions can be found on One Stop.


The LTC series of courses meets requirements of licensure in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Minnesota licensure is administered by the Board of Examiners for Long Term Services and Supports. Wisconsin licensure is administered by the Department of Safety and Professional Services. Both require approved coursework, a practicum, passing the national exam, and passing a state exam.

These courses may also meet the requirements of other states; check individual state licensure policies.

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