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Manufacturing Operations Management Certificate

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Please Note: The Manufacturing Operations Management certificate will no longer be accepting admissions applications for fall 2020 and beyond. However, we will continue to offer some individual MM courses at least through spring 2021. The instructional offering in manufacturing management is currently being restructured, and the changes will be announced at a later time. For more information, please contact MM advisor Tony Scott (scott035@umn.edu).

In the Manufacturing Operations Management (MM) certificate, you will study the most recent practices and technologies and understand them from the perspective of competitive business demands.

This certificate will help you develop in-demand skills and knowledge in:

  • manufacturing processes and systems
  • quality, cost control, and regulation
  • supply chain management
  • business finance, operations, project management, communication

An Applied, Relevant Program

The industry-driven curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning and application as well as theory, allowing you to use what you've learned right away.

Listen to MM advisor, Tony Scott, on radio station KMOJ talk about the certificate, as well as other options in CCAPS.


Some of the courses below have prerequisites. The core course MM 3001W is the only prerequisite that also counts toward the certificate credits. Courses with prerequisites other than 3001W are noted below with an asterisk. Professional experience, however, can often substitute for such prerequisite course work.

Required Courses

  • Manufacturing in a Global Economy (MM 3001W, 3 cr) 
    Prerequisite for many of the MM electives; recommended as a first course.
  • Manufacturing Operations (MM 4102. 3 cr) 
    MM 3001W is a prerequisite.

Technical Electives (10 credits minimum)

  • Engineering for Manufacturing Operations (MM 3205, 3 cr)
  • 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing (MM 3305, 3 cr)
  • Design of Manufacturing Systems and Simulations (MM 4011, 3 cr)
  • Manufacturing Processes and Technology (MM 4012, 3 cr)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (MM 4035, 3 cr)*
  • Manufacturing Outsourcing Decisions (MM 4039, 3 cr)*
  • Regulated Industry Compliance (MM 4045, 3 cr)
  • Quality Engineering and Process Improvement (MM 4201, 3 cr)*
  • Sustainable Lean Manufacturing (MM 4311, 3 cr)
  • Capstone (MM 4501, 3 cr)
  • Internship (MM 4596, 1−4 cr)

* Courses with prerequisites other than MM 3001W.

Planning Chart | A guide to help you schedule your courses
University Catalog | Course descriptions and prerequisites
Class Schedule | Course details, including dates, times, and locations

Transferring Credits

With approval, transfer course work can make up 40 percent of the certificate requirements, with at least 60 percent earned after admission and taken at the University of Minnesota.

In addition, the Manufacturing Operations Management certificate can apply toward the Manufacturing Operations Management Bachelor of Applied Science degree. 

If you have any questions about how your credits may transfer in or out of this program, please consult with an advisor.


Admission Deadlines

Fall semester | July 15
Spring semester | November 15
Summer term | April 15

Admission Requirements

Minimum requirements include:

  • 45 transferable semester credits completed
  • a preferred performance level of a 2.5 or better in your undergraduate or graduate level work
  • if you have relevant professional experience but do not have a cumulative 2.5 GPA, contact an advisor regarding your admission

Admission Benefits

You may take one or two courses in the program before applying for official admission, however, you should apply for admission as soon as possible.

As an admitted certificate student, you will:

  • Be assured that all of your course work will count toward the certificate (unless requirements change)
  • Receive updates about the program
  • Have an opportunity to register earlier than a student who is not admitted
  • Not be assessed the University of Minnesota Student Services fee

Completion Requirements

To be awarded the certificate, you should complete all required coursework within four years of admission, with a minimum grade of C- and a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

If you are completing an undergraduate degree as well as a certificate, there's no need to apply for graduation for your certificate. The credentials will be awarded simultaneously.

If you are completing a certificate only, you can apply for graduation online. After you've registered for your final course in the certificate, log in to myu.umn.edu and click on Student Center under key links, then My Academics and Apply for Graduation.


To find out when you should register, consult the Registration Calendar.

  • If you are a U of M admitted student, register through MyU. Instructions can be found on One Stop.
  • If you would like to take one of our courses but are a nonadmitted student (not formally admitted to a degree or certificate program), follow the registration steps outlined on One Stop.

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