Manufacturing Operations Management Program

Jerry Yang, Manufacturing

A Key Player in Minnesota's Economy


Manufacturing is a key driver of Minnesota's economy. Employers are looking for innovative managers to help them transform their businesses so that they can thrive in the global marketplace.

Jerry Yang
  • Of Minnesota’s Fortune 500 companies, 56% are in manufacturing.*
  • Headquartered in Minnesota are 17 Fortune 500 companies as well as Cargill, the nation’s largest privately held company. Fortune 500s with major manufacturing operations include CHS, 3M, General Mills, Ecolab, Land O’Lakes, Hormel Foods, Mosaic, and St. Jude Medical.
  • Manufacturing paid the second largest payroll in 2015. The average annual wage for manufacturing jobs was $63,236, which is 15% percent higher than the average wage for all industries.*

*Source: Enterprise Minnesota


Today's manufacturing climate might surprise you; it's high-tech, fast-paced, and competitive. With just the right mix of technical and business skills, students in the Manufacturing Operations Management (MM) program find themselves qualified for great jobs in many sectors. Read some of their stories to learn more about the range of opportunities they've found.


The MM program is available as Bachelor of Applied Studies, minor, or certificate.

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