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Zoom for Presentations

All conference presentations will be held through Zoom Webinar, with the exception of the roundtable discussions which will be held through Zoom Meetings. In a Zoom Webinar, attendees do not have video or audio capabilities, but will be able to interact through the Q&A feature.

In order to make sure your experience viewing and participating in Zoom presentations is exceptional, please review the resources below.

Getting started with Zoom

For the best experience, we recommend you download and install the Zoom application. Follow this resource—Zoom: Test Your Video—to both download the Zoom application and test your experience in Zoom. However, if you are not able to download Zoom, you can always join the Zoom webinar or meeting through your browser. To join from your browser, follow these instructions: Launching Zoom from a browser.

Joining a Zoom Webinar

If you haven't joined a Zoom Webinar before, please review this resource: Joining and Participating in a Webinar.

Test Your Audio Connection

In order to listen to Zoom webinars, you will need to know how to either use your computer speakers or use your phone to dial in to the Zoom webinar. Please review this resource: Testing Computer or Device Audio to learn how to adjust your audio settings in Zoom.

Questions about Zoom or Technology

Zoom issues include sound trouble, logging in, viewing the chat window, accessing Zoom on different devices, etc.


Email or Chat with UMN IT

Questions about Conference Logistics


Questions about Registration

Registration questions include cancellations or profile questions.