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Minnesota Learning Commons About Us

The Minnesota Learning Commons (MnLC) is a joint powers agreement between the University of Minnesota (UMN), Minnesota State, and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), with a mission to “support educators teaching in online, blended, and digital learning environments.”

The Minnesota Learning Commons was created to provide centralized access to effective and efficient online learning for Minnesotans. It is a web portal to online, education-related resources for targeted audiences and to educational opportunities, tools, and services in public P-20 education.


The Minnesota Learning Commons is the pathway to quality online, blended, and digital learning.


The mission of the Minnesota Learning Commons is to support educators teaching in online, blended, and digital learning environments. The MnLC executes its mission through three primary efforts: the Minnesota eLearning Summit, "Best of the Summit" Webinar Series, and MnLC Special Interest Groups.


Mission and vision driven, the MnLC relies on its membership and partners, Minnesota State, the University of Minnesota, and Minnesota Department of Education and public K-12 schools to accomplish its annual goals. Goals are accomplished through the collaboration of the faculty, administration, and staff of the partners' membership.

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