Minnesota Shade Tree Mark Stennes Scholarship

Minnehaha Falls in Summer
Shade Tree Mark Stennes Photo

The Shade Tree Short Course (STSC) Steering Committee recognizes Mark Stennes’s contribution to the green industry by creating a scholarship in his name. The STSC Steering Committee recognizes his life and passion by celebrating and honoring similar and like-minded people in the community forestry profession. 

Mark Stennes was passionate about arboriculture and sharing his experiences and knowledge with others. His disposition led him to volunteering and mentorship for a variety of professional organizations and people. Mark was noteworthy for all the hard work he put into the Shade Tree Short Course. His leadership and passion for tree research, education, and support for those in the green industry are qualities that the STSC Steering Committee would like to acknowledge in other people. The STSC Steering Committee is committed to the legacy of Mark Stennes’s career and considers it a defining benchmark for others in the green industry. We also believe the magnitude of honoring those exceptional individuals and their accomplishment can only be done in Mark’s name.

Mark’s broad knowledge of biology—specifically pathology—led him into a long career where he was known for his vehement support of elms. One of his greatest accomplishments in the support of elms was his talent of observation and analysis. Mark recognized the value of elms in the upper Midwest where he discovered the St. Croix elm. To put it in his terms: the St. Croix elm is a tree that survived many “crown fires” (Dutch elm disease) in the St. Croix valley. Mark recognized the importance of this elm and with the help, support, and resources of the U of M, the St. Croix elm is now available nationwide.

Although Mark was good with trees, that really wasn’t the pinnacle of his career. Mark had a rare talent to communicate his passion for trees to other people. Mark inspired many people to do more in the field of arboriculture and took pride in the successes of those people. Mark was truly a person you could count on and look up to and, for all these reasons, the STSC Steering Committee has developed the Mark Stennes Scholarship Award.

This scholarship includes recognition at the STSC speaker’s dinner, free admission to the Shade Tree Short Course, and a plaque acknowledging the recipient's contribution to community forestry.


If you would like to nominate someone for this award, download the Mark Stennes Scholarship Application and submit it electronically to Joshua.Plunkett@state.mn.us.

All applications must be received by February 22, 2019.