Shade Tree March 18, 2020

7:30 am

Chad Giblin, Research Fellow/Researcher 5, University of Minnesota; Brian Luedtke, Technical Project and Research Assistant, University of Minnesota; Kiley Mackereth, Technical Project and Research Assistant, University of Minnesota; Brian Volz, Technical Project and Research Assistant, University of Minnesota

7:45 am

Bonnie Keeler, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota

8:40 am

Marla Spivak, Professor, University of Minnesota

9:35 am

12:15 pm

Kim Shearer, Tree and Shrub Breeder, The Morton Arboretum

Michelle Grabowski, Plant Pathologist, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Eric North, Assistant Professor of Practice, University of Nebraska−Lincoln

John Ball, Professor of Forestry, South Dakota State University

Garrett Beier, Assistant Professor, Farmingdale State College

Doug Courneya, Owner, Courneya Horticulture

Julie Weisenhorn, Extension Educator: Horticulture, University of Minnesota, Department of Horticultural Science

Brian Schwingle, Forest Health Specialist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Jeff Hahn, Extension Entomologist, University of Minnesota Extension

Glen Stanosz, Professor of Tree and Forest Health, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Michael Bahe, Researcher, University of Minnesota

1:15 pm

Leslie Brandt, Climate Change Specialist, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science, USDA Forest Service

Keith Gilland, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Asia L. Dowtin, Assistant Professor of Urban and Community Forestry, Michigan State University Department of Forestry

Jeffrey Carlson, Founder/Attorney, Employer Consult, LLC

Mary H. Meyer, Professor and Extension Horticulturist , University of Minnesota

Daniel Griffin, Assistant Professor of Geography, University of Minnesota

Brett Arenz, Teaching Assistant Professor and Director of Plant Disease Clinic, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Minnesota

Richard Hauer, Professor of Urban Forestry, University of Wisconsin−Stevens Point

Lee Mueller, Market Manager, Davey Resource Group, Inc.

Jodi Refsland, Landscape Architect, ISA Arborist, Damon Farber Landscape Architects

Dave Hanson, Roadside Vegetation Manager, Minnesota Department of Transportation

2:45 pm

Jeff Jackson (Firewise Communities Specialist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources), Casey McCoy (Wildfire Prevention Supervisor, Minnesota Departement of Natural Resources)

Nathan McElroy, Senior Program Manager, Pepco/Exelon Vegetation Management; Earl Eutsler, Associate Director, District Department of Transportation Urban Forestry Division, Washington, DC

Shea Zwerver, Urban Forestry Coordinator, PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Allyson Salisbury, Postdoctoral Researcher, Arboriculture, The Morton Arboretum

Kris Bachtell, Vice President of Collections and Facilities, The Morton Arboretum

Ed Hayes, Plant Pathologist and Entomologist, Ed Hayes Tree

Chris Fields-Johnson, Technical Advisor, Davey Institute

Rebecca Hargrave, Associate Professor, ISA Certified Arborist, SUNY Morrisville

John O'Neill, Lead Forester, Urban Forestry Division, District of Columbia

Angie Ambourn, Supervisor/Entomologist, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Janet Van Sloun, Natural Resource Restoration Specialist, City of Minnetonka

Calli Johnson, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota

Daniel Crawford, Graduate Student, University of Minnesota