Shade Tree Sessions March 13, 2018

Morning General Sessions

7:45 am

Electric and Arboricultural Safety

Electric contact is a frequent cause of arboricultural workplace fatalities, and no job is worth injury or loss of life. This presentation will enable attendees to explain some electrical fundamentals, characterize electrical risks, detail electrical safety precautions, differentiate between safety and incident prevention, and understand how to develop a culture of incident prevention.

Randall H. Miller is Director of Research, Development and Industry Intelligence at CN Utility Consulting. He retired in May 2017 after 23½ years at PacifiCorp as Director of Vegetation Management. He holds an MS in Urban Forestry from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. He is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and ISA Certified Utility Specialist.

8:40 am

Planting in a Post-Wild World

We live in a global city and few wild places remain in today’s world. Planting designers have the opportunity and responsibility to bring wildness and ecological value back into our landscape. This challenge requires a new form of planting design that works with natural principles and marries horticulture with ecology. Join us as we explore how native and ecological plants will fit into our future landscape and how plant community-based design strategies can help you meet aesthetic and ecological goals during your next planting project.

Claudia (MLA, Phyto Studio) is a leading voice in the emerging field of ecological planting design. Known for her passionate advocacy of plant-driven design, Claudia is a widely sought-after speaker and consultant who applies the technologies of plant systems to bring essential natural functions back into our cities and towns. She has worked on all sides of the green industry—as a designer, a grower, installer, and land manager—grounding her innovative work in pragmatic solutions that address the realities of our urbanizing world. She is coauthor of the critically acclaimed book Planting in a Post-Wild World (Timber Press, 2015).

9:35 am

The Use of Biologicals: Their Potential for Improving Tree Health and Managing Pests and Diseases

Microorganisms have been waging war against each other more or less since the dawn of life itself. Consequently, we can use these "biologicals," or plant-friendly microorganisms, to "fight fire with fire." For example, microorganisms can play important roles in enhancing plant defense responses and can be manipulated as a form of direct and indirect biological control. While synthetic fungicides and insecticides can have impressive and rapid effects, the use of biologicals uses a more complex, subtle, and long-term strategy. This talk aims to discuss the potential of commercially available biocontrol organisms for the benefit of arborists with respect to disease control strategies, as well as highlight ongoing research programs undertaken at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory.

Dr. Percival is the head of research at the Bartlett Tree Research and Diagnostic Laboratory based at the University of Reading, UK/Ireland. He has presented papers on his work at international and national levels. He is the author of over 100 scientific papers, magazine articles, and book chapters. He serves on the editorial board for Arboriculture and Urban Forestry, as well as Urban Forestry and Urban Greening. He is the coeditor of the proceedings of the Trees, People, and Built Environment Conference, published by the Forestry Commission. Dr. Percival is also a visiting lecturer at Kew Gardens and was presented with the Arboricultural Association Award for 2017.

Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

12:15 pm

Doug Courneya, Owner/Arborist, Courneya Horticulture

James Jacobs, Plant Pathologist, USDA Forest Service

Marilyn Arnlund, Minnesota Tree Care Adviser, Hennepin County Master Gardener

Jay Maier, Green Collar Consultants

Michelle Grabowski, Extension Educator, Plant Pathology, University of Minnesota Extension; Jeff Hahn, University of Minnesota

Meri Mullins, Technical Engineer, EnviroTech Services

Thaddeus McCamant, Specialty Crops Instructor, Central Lakes College

Kimberly Thielen Cremers, Pest Mitigation and Regulatory Response Supervisor, The Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Plant Protection Division

Brian Schwingle, Forest Health Specialist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Jake Miesbauer, Arboriculture Scientist, The Morton Arboretum

Elizabeth Maloney, Partnership for Tick-borne Diseases Education

1:15 pm

Dwayne Stenlund, CPESC, Minnesota Department of Transportation

Brett Arenz, Director of Plant Disease Clinic, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Minnesota

Gary Wyatt, Forestry Extension Educator, University of Minnesota Extension

Eric North, Assistant Professor of Practice, University of Nebraska−Lincoln

Jennifer Burington, Plant Health Specialist, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Andrew Emma, Standards and Inspections/Tree Keepers Program Manager, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

Jim Nayes, Owner, Living Sculpture Trees

Geoff Kempter, Technical Services Manager, Asplundh

John Lloyd, Research Scientist, Precision Organics, LLC

R.J. Laverne, Manager of Education and Training, Davey Tree Expert Company

Shirley Mah Kooyman, Native Plant Specialist, Natural Shore Technologies, Inc.

Randall H. Miller, Director of Research, Development, and Industry Intelligence, CN Utility Consulting

Michael Neal, Vice-President of Customer Development, Mowbray's Tree Service

Nic Jelinski, Assistant Professor, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate, University of Minnesota

Thomas Harrington, Iowa State University, Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology

Chad Giblin, Research Fellow, University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources

2:45 pm

Nick Grebe, Crew Lead, Branch and Bough Tree Service and Landscape Care

Michael Dockry, Research Forester and Social Scientist, US Forest Service

Paul Moss, MPCA Climate Adaptation Coordinator, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Shawna Mullen, Active Transportation Coordinator, Zeitgeist Center for Arts and Community

Emily Ball, City Forester, City of Lakeville; Rachel Coyle, Urban Forester, City of Saint Paul, Forestry; Jeff Haberman, City Forester, City of Rochester, Minnesota

R. Chris Williamson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Josh Lynn, Horticulturalist, Bailey Nurseries

Hugo Matus-Tadeo, Certified Tree Worker, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board−Forestry

Karen Ballen, Adjunct Faculty, Department of Soil, Water, and Climate, University of Minnesota

Andy Hovland, Owner and Business Manager, Branch and Bough Tree Service and Landscape Care; Heidi Van Schooten, Owner and Business Manager, Branch and Bough Tree Service and Landscape Care

John Goodfellow, Principal Consultant, Biocompliance Consulting, Inc.

John A. Koepke, Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota

Linda Chalker-Scott, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Washington State University

Craig Pinkalla, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board − Forestry