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10 Tech Tools for the 21 Century Educator

60 minutes
Oral Presentation

Are you looking for new ways to present information, engage students and parents, collaborate with your peers, or even just make your life plain old easier? This session takes you through ten tech tools that can help you in all of these areas. Come join us as we learn, play, and take home some fun new ideas to integrate into our classrooms and schools. 1. Attendees will have a better understanding of emerging classroom technologies.
2. Attendees will gain knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for digital age work and learning.
3. Attendees will leave with a variety of tools with which they can implement curriculum and strategies that use technology to maximize student learning.

Topic Area(s): Digital Learning Resources


Kelsey Johnson is an elementary teacher at heart with seven years as a primary educator. Her passion for technology led her to a position as a Technology Integration Specialist at Lincoln High School in Thief River Falls, MN. She is enthusiastic about infusing creativity and tech into education in order to make student learning more engaging and teacher instruction more purposeful and productive.