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1:Button Studio

60 minutes
Oral Presentation & Workshop

This will be a poster session that will give participants an opportunity to see the technology in action by remotely trying out a 1:Button studio. As an alternative or in addition to the poster session, participants could walk over to Magrath Library and experience the studio for themselves as an open house-style presentation and hands-on demonstration. The 1:Button service has been around for three years on the University of Minnesota campus and serves more than 1,000 students, faculty, and staff annually. We have four of these studios today with plans to build seven more in the next 18 months. We hope that visitors take away several ideas of how they might use a 1:Button studio in their own organization, understand what the requirements are to successfully launch both the tool and service, and be inspired by the work of other students and instructors through a diverse set of use cases and testimonials.


Mike Williams has more than 15 years of experience in the areas of media production and information technology. Mike is currently serving as the Service Owner for Video and Conferencing Services in the Office of Information Technology at the University of Minnesota.