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Approaching System-Wide Accessibility as a Collaborative Learning Community

60 minutes
Panel Presentation

This presentation will highlight the approach that's in progress to engage K-12 systems in addressing the accessibility of digital curriculum and instruction. We will share the process we used in engaging a cohort of "early adopters" in a collaborative learning model as a non-threatening approach to improving each system's digital accessibility. Attendees will hear from the organizers and cohort participants and will come away with tools they can use to address digital accessibility in their own organizations.

Topic area(s): Accessible & Inclusive Learning Technologies; Diversity & Inclusion; Learner Engagement Strategies


Jeff Plaman, Chris Reynolds, and Kim Wee care deeply about access for all learners to high-quality learning experiences offered in our K−12 public schools. This team from the Minnesota Department of Education includes an online and digital learning specialist, a Special Education specialist, and an IT specialist. This team is working together to engage K−12 in improving digital accessibility.