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Are We Doing Enough to Help Faculty Teach Online?

45 minutes
Higher Education
Effective Faculty/Professional Development Programs

A recent InsideHigherEd.com article (February 13, 2019) by Doug Lederman gave an overview of results from a survey of public college provosts. The survey by The Learning House reported that many forms of training and support for those who teach online is lacking, even as institutions' expectations for online learning capacity and quality grow. The Learning House offered recommendations based on their findings. These include: 1) mandatory or incentivized training for instructors who have not taught online; 2) regular feedback cycle for continuous professional development; 3) regular feedback cycle for instructor evaluation, including peer feedback; 3) a uniform learning experience for standard components of an online course. Questions for the roundtable: Evaluate: Are these recommendations appropriate for public higher education institutions? What should be taken out? What is missing? Assess: Is an institutional culture change needed for these recommendations to be implemented in a meaningful way? If so, what are the components and process of that culture change? Apply: What could these recommendations look like in public higher education institutions? What are the best practices for establishing and maintaining sustainable practice of these recommendations?


Elizabeth Harsma, Minnesota State University, Mankato