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Augmented and Virtual Reality Integrations and Extensions

75 minutes
Roundtable Discussion

This roundtable will focus on the practical, existing side of augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR). After an initial demo period of some existing applications and technologies (such as AR anatomy models, the Merge Cube, and others), we will guide a discussion around making these experiences possible and pedagogically valuable in our institutions. Participants will be able to compare various tools and will be encouraged to share stories of success, failure, and experimentation. Participants will learn about practical applications of AR/VR and how to bring them into their institutions. Participants will connect with each other to create collaborative projects between institutions. Participants will be exposed to a large quantity of valuable experiences surrounding the relatively nascent field of AR/VR.

Topic Area(s): Accessible & Inclusive Technologies; Content Authoring Tools; Digital Learning Resources; Diversity & Inclusion; Effective Teaching Practices; Learner Engagement Strategies; Mobile Learning; Online & Hybrid Learning; Quality Design in Teaching; Social & Collaborative Learning


Eric Mistry is the Instructional Technologist and Digital Media Specialist at the College of St. Scholastica. He has dedicated himself to integrating the best pedagogy with innovative technologies. His specialty is developing low-cost but high-impact alternatives to expensive technologies. He focuses on digital media, virtual/augmented reality, video production, and digital portfolio design.