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Beyond Textbooks and Coursepacks: Using the LMS to Make Course Materials More Affordable

30 minutes
Oral Presentation

Our University Libraries and Information Technology Services are collaborating on an effort to implement and market to faculty a cloud-based tool that directly addresses the affordability of course materials. The Resource Lists tool is built on top of the Libraries' existing system and is used to deliver readings directly to students via the Canvas LMS. This integration allows students, both online and on-campus, easier access to existing library resources. It also allows faculty a streamlined way to manage course readings and copyright considerations, collaborate with librarians, and use system metrics to analyze which materials students are engaging with. In this session we will discuss the partnerships that led to a successful implementation and will demonstrate the ease of using and creating a Resource List.
1. Describe the benefits of a cloud-based system that leverages existing library content: streamlines management of readings, increases affordability for students, and delivers student engagement metrics.
2. Identify key strategies and interpersonal approaches that can be used to develop partnerships in the implementation of a new system spanning multiple departments.
3. Determine the usefulness of this type of product for their own institution.

Topic Area(s): Digital Learning Resources; Online & Hybrid Learning


Greg Argo is Associate Director for Access & Digital Services at the University of St. Thomas, where he facilitates access to library services in digital and physical environments. His interests span the technical, psychological, and organizational needs for implementing new systems, informed by his experiences as the project lead implementing new library systems and LMS integrations.