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Can Creative Problem Solving Be Trained Online?

30 minutes
Oral Presentation

The U of M Twin Cities College of Design offers a semester-long Creative Problem Solving course for its undergraduates with both online and traditional face-to-face options. Based on data from the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking, the online students did not benefit as much from the course. We discuss the results of the data analysis and the broader literature on the subject, and what they may tell us about creative problem solving skills specifically, and the potential for online learning in general.
1. Much remains to be learned about the effectiveness of online learning.
2. Certain subjects may lend themselves better to online learning than others.
3. Overall course grades, often used to measure of outcomes, may not capture the impact of the learning environment.

Topic Area(s): Digital Learning Resources; Online & Hybrid Learning


Justin Baker has been a creative professional in the advertising industry, has developed performance and stress management training for athletes and educators, and is now studying the human factors that impact problem solving at the University of Minnesota. His mission is to inspire the next generation to take on the daunting systemic problems of Planet Earth with creativity and compassion.