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*CANCELLED* Development of Competency-Based Digital Badges/Micro Credentials System

45 minutes
Micro-Credentialing/Badging and the Platforms that Support It
Emerging Technologies in the Learning Landscape
Higher Education

The main goal of this endeavor is to develop and implement digital badges (also known as microcredentials); they are learner focused and a topic of interest to both students and industrial personnel. Badges are an innovative way to serve the existing needs of learners, yet are not currently part of the academic curriculum. Digital badges can deliver a new form of curriculum building blocks: they can serve both as a standalone learning module and can enrich the existing curriculum by fillings the gaps in it. The use of digital badges is transforming the acknowledgment of skills and competencies, their verification and records. When aligned to an emerging set of technical specifications, digital badges help form a new common currency for skill and career development and workforce advancement. As higher education evolves to accommodate new forms of learning and new workforce needs, skills are being assessed across an ever-widening range of activities across the learning landscape.


Plamen Miltenoff, Kannan Sivaprakasam, St. Cloud State University