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A Case Study of ICT Integration for Indian Public School Teachers

30 minutes
Effective Faculty/Professional Development Programs
Poster Presentation

Lack of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunities for teachers is one of the main reasons for the poor quality of education in Indian public schools. Ineffective, one-time workshops and limited practice-based models to integrate ICT reduce the scope of technology integration in K−12 classrooms. This poster presents a case of teachers' professional development with ICT through a four-month, three-credit course on ICT and Education for in-service teachers in rural northeastern India, embedded within an ICT initiative. The initiative and the course focused on teacher-capacity building, integrating curriculum with technology by including ICT in lesson plans and designing learning activities with ICT for students to construct their own learning. The course followed a blended approach with four-day F2F classes on integrating technology in middle schools followed by practice-based assignments on Moodle. The enrolled teachers conversed with each other and course facilitators actively on group text messaging using WhatsApp to build a sense of community, and trained 15 other teachers in their school district on using ICT in their classrooms. This study looked at the impact of the course on teacher use of ICT for personal and professional use, changes in their beliefs on ICT integration, the value they placed on ICT integration and the challenges they faced. Data was collected through pre- and posttest surveys of 39 teachers who finished the course and interviews of 18 teachers.


Rukmini Avadhanam, University of Minnesota