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#ClassroomClips - Inclusive and Expressive Media Creation

60 minutes

If a learner must both read and write to be considered literate, a digitally literate learner must both consume and create content. This process should be inclusive and expressive and should showcase creativity. Most users of technology are heavy consumers who watch, listen, read, and share the work of others. In this session, we will bring some balance to that consumption and explore a free iOS resource that empowers users to create videos that share a story, engage a viewer, and boast accessibility features unmatched in the mobile learning environment. Join me for a hands-on, Bob Ross-style create-and-learn session using the Clips app by Apple. Learners will create new and inclusive content. Learners will publish and communicate their creations to authentic audiences. Learners will collaborate and share their innovative vision for this resource.

Topic Area(s): Accessible & Inclusive Technologies; Adaptive & Personalized Learning; Content Authoring Tools; Digital Learning Resources; Mobile Learning; Student Success


Andy Leiser is an innovative elementary integrationist from Hastings, Minnesota, where he supports hundreds of educators and thousands of young learners. He is a local, regional, and national presenter who spreads the message of innovative content creation and the importance of sharing the story of education from the point of learning. Andy is a Seesaw Ambassador and Apple Distinguished Educator.