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Collaborative Efforts to Foster Active Learning and Team-based Learning in Higher Education Classrooms: Using ParticiPoll as an Audience Response Tool

30 minutes
Oral Presentation

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota delivers its courses in a dual campus model using interactive television, and has been making efforts to foster active learning and team-based learning across campuses. In the past, the college adopted the Turning Point clicker system for faculty to collect student responses in class. However, there were some disadvantages of using this technology. For instance, students have to pay for the clickers themselves, students may forget to bring their clickers to class, and their clickers may run out of power. In addition, Turing Point adopted a new cloud-based approach to their product, so now was the time to consider alternatives. Due to such disadvantages, the college planned to change to a different audience response system to leverage its dual-campus program delivery. Multiple parties (faculty, TA, IT department, and Office of Teaching Learning and Assessment) in the college got involved in the discussion and selection process. The whole team checked and compared a dozen of audience response systems in terms of their applicability, usability, and affordability, and finally selected the technology ParticiPoll. This new tool was very cost effective, and no cost was added to the students. This presentation will introduce how the college chose ParticiPoll, how it works, how it is supported, and how the faculty apply it and think about it.

Topic Area(s): Digital Learning Resources; Effective Teaching Practices; Learner Engagement Strategies


Sha Yang is an academic technologist at the College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She obtained her PhD in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University. Before coming to work in the University of Minnesota, she worked as an instructional designer at the University of Houston−Clear Lake.