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Creating an Online Community and Building Instructor Presence with Video

45 minutes
Social and Collaborative Learning
Practices for Student Success
Immersive and Interactive Learning Models
Higher Education
Oral Presentation

This session will focus on how educators can use learning management system (LMS) tools paired with video to engage their students and increase instructor presence within online or blended courses. Designing opportunities for engagement with peers, the instructor and the content are crucial to help build a sense of community in the online environment. This session will showcase practical examples of how video can be used to build a connection and personalize the learning experience. Developing instructor-created recorded lectures is one effective way to personalize course content. This section will include discussion surrounding key steps and best practices for recorded lectures. Communication techniques using LMS tools such as the news tool and automated triggers will be also be explored. Frequent and descriptive feedback is critical for student success in an online environment; examples of strategies to help save instructors time will be showcased. Educators often use discussion boards in their online and blended courses to have students reflect on course topics or readings. This section of the session will provide approaches for structuring discussions to increase engagement and highlight several assessment ideas that bring in the use of video. Participants will walk away with an introduction to key areas for online delivery and practical strategies that educators can implement right away.


Mary O'Brien, Winona State University