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Creating, Sharing, and Evaluating Interactive STEM Activities

45 minutes
Next Generation Learning Environments
Innovative Partnerships and Alliances for Effective Student Learning
Emerging Technologies in the Learning Landscape
Higher Education

Research has shown that active learning and flipped classrooms improve student performance, particularly at a conceptual level. Many STEM educators have invested time and energy in preparing materials for their students, but little of this great work has been shared with the broader learning community. When it has been shared, little effort has been placed on helping educators find resources. Additionally, little effort has been placed on evaluating the effectiveness of these activities. In this session, we will show examples of interactive applets and activities designed for an active learning classroom using technology. These activities are currently being used by the University of Minnesota, Ohio State, and other schools. We will present how our platform (currently in development) will work and seek input for features to make the platform more accessible to other educators. We seek to establish a community of educators who will improve the design of STEM education technology by: 1) using the current activities in their classroom and providing feedback on how well they worked; 2) creating or suggesting new activities to expand the scope of what is available; 3) providing feedback on how students use the technology; 4) expanding the content to other fields of study; 5) developing a platform to evaluate the effectiveness of learning activities by analyzing student data.


Stan Pride, Mike Weimerskirch, University of Minnesota